Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tom and Jerry

When a read this message it passes my vain and pump into my heart...
And I think much that this guy is so lucky having a perfect match of his love life...
This will be to emotional but I love to read this kind of story..


Although I feel asleep because I was too stressed out and tired, I had a nice night knowing you where around.

It was nostalgic to see you on that plain white shirt. I remember the first time I saw you. You look funny and nothing special all the details of you. NAKSs....sss...

We celebrated OUR day in the simplest and most humble way, but the world seems to be more calm and perfect even with just a hug and that usual warm pat on my back....

THANKS tom....

from: jerry....=)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Beautiful In My Eyes - Joshua Kadison Music Code

OHHHhh great!!!!

Doing things in good...

Some times doing things that make you happy is right but what if this actions can cause lots of trouble???

I can't imagine that having an action can make other people cry.. What if the situation is twist, you are the one who will cry.. Its a big heart ache for you and emotionally damaging in your part..

“Self Fish” action is not always good even if you want to prove how much you love that girl and the situation of that girl is not suitable or meant for this time for both of you. Things like this involve people and good or bad ways...

We always want to prove that we will fight for our love in which way “by hook or by crock” but we must always listen to what we (FRIENDS) says, because its not just for your own good its for us(who care for you and the people that is in the chain). We don't want you to suffer and also we don't want you to hurt other people. This is not an end for your feelings with her but just do things in GOOD, by not hurting people... Also this quote can help you thou "love is blind" but "true love can wait.." Be patient enough to face your true love. No wrong moves...

OHHHhh great!!!!

Love is sweeter if you get in righteous way..

Sleeping in cloud nine could be reach if you can do THINGS IN GOOD...

Hope we and other could do this..=)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A second....

True test...

I just want to prove how much we love each other for the decision we choose. Doing this kind of trial will make as both strong for our feelings, the love will be more develop in any ways and any time. Things like this will be just a color of the blooming relationship we have. Relationship that can made and bring us in the future. That will find us in the aging time. We want to be together until we lost our breath.

As I said I will be the one who will lost breath as we encounter situation that deal with life.." I will stand to what I said: Trust me you will be safe with me i will take good care of you!"

Breeng will always be with you to take care and love you. People will always change and this change is for good. Feeling the warm hug and kiss from you change ME. You bring life to me and color my day ever time im with you. Holding your hands every seconds feel me that im safe and happy. I will not lost you forever..

This love will always grow for you!



This gonna be for you!

Di ko man maamin
Ikaw ay mahalaga sa akin
Di ko man maisip
Sa pagtulog ikaw ang panaginip

Malabo man ang aking pgiisip
Sana'y pakinggan mo
Ang sigaw nitong damdamin

Ako'y alipin mo kahit hindi batid
Aaminin ko minsan ako'y manhid
Sana ay iyong naririnig
Sa 'yong yakap ako'y nasasabik

Ayoko sa iba
Sa yo ako ay hindi magsasawa
Ano man ang yong sabihin
Umasa ka ito ay diringgin

Madalas man na parang
Aso at pusa giliw
Sa piling mo ako ay masaya

Ako'y alipin mo kahit hindi batid
Aaminin ko minsan ako'y manhid
Sana ay iyong naririnig
Sa 'yong yakap ako'y nasasabik

Pilit mang abutin ang mga tala
Basta sa akin wag kang mawawala...

Ako'y alipin mo kahit hindi batid
Aaminin ko minsan ako'y manhid
Sana ay iyong naririnig
Sa 'yong yakap ako'y nasasabik

Pagkat ikaw lang ang nais makatabi
Malamig man o mainit ang gabi
Nais ko sanang iparating
Na ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin

-love is on the air by joe d' mango-