Sunday, December 9, 2012

Juicer Reviews: For Your Own Benefit

best juicer machine
It is a great choice for the people who really want to straighten up their diet and be serious about juicing. The twin gear juicer reviews that will be discussed in this article aims to really give you information whether you should buy them or not. Everybody already have heard about the good news regarding the nutrients people get when the raw ingredients of the fruit or vegetable are directly ingested by the human body. The vitamins and minerals are the things we need in order to stay strong, alert, active, and free from many diseases. This is exactly what the twin gear juicers are going to do for you. They promise to give you more juice than ever before and also be able to provide you more nutrients, according to the juicer reviews. This is when you compare this juicer to the single and the centrifugal kinds of juicers.

When you say triturating juicers, this is also the same as the twin gear juicers. To be able to triturate means you rub, grind, or crush, and even pound the ingredient into very fine substance. This action of the juicer will break down the fruit or the vegetable and will open the cell membrane of the plant materials that will later on be able to let go of the juice that we need in our bodies with all the nutrients and healthy enzymes that will help us to stay healthy. This is why the juicer reviews are happy that the person who drinks from the juice of this juicer is able to get all the necessary nutrients of the fruit or veggies that are used to juice. It is also a great thing to have in the kitchen rather than the centrifugal juicer because these are working on lower RPMs. The blades of the centrifugal juicer will be destroying the things you need like the enzymes and nutrients because the blades goes too fast. The juicer reviews recommend that the twin gear juicer is used instead because every drop that this juicer producers is guaranteed to give each person in the household majority of the benefits of the all-natural juice.

What you have to know as a downside of this twin gear juicer is its cost. You can expect that they are higher when it comes to the retail price of a centrifugal juicer per the juicer reviews. However, you can already see what these juicers do to the nutrients versus what you will get the more common type. You are in for healthy drinking, right? Don’t focus on what you can’t have but you can go and enjoy the benefits of healthy drinking.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brazil 2016 Olympics

Heads up, all you sports enthusiasts in Brazil Rio! Prepare yourself and make way for the 2012 Olympic Games which will be held in Brazil Rio. ROI now 2016 is the record holder of being the first city to host the Olympic Games thrice. Their first hosting was on 1908 and then on 1948.
It was 7 years ago that the panel decided to choose Brazil Rio as the host country for the Summer Olympics this year. It won over New York City, Moscow, Madrid and Paris in a difficult battle of votes that lasted for four rounds.

For one, it has become a positive reminder for Brazil Rio to redefine some parts of the city to reflect sustainability. Behind this progress, there are negative criticisms but the panel did not shake to this. Instead, they decided to use venues that make Brazil Rio now. It includes the Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, O2 Arena, Lord’s Cricket Ground and Excel Centre.

One of the most talked about and awaited event in any Olympic Games is the torch relay. This year, the torch relay will start on May 19 and will end on the day of the start of the Games on July 27. It will render 70 days of travel with 66 celebration nights all throughout Europe. It will mainly focus on heritage sites and places with sporting significance.

Brazil Rio now is busy preparing to accommodate athletes coming from 153 nations bringing at least one athlete all over the world. These athletes from everywhere will be competing in 302 different events.

People will surely be excited to see many sports and disciplines in this year’s Olympics. There are 26 sports decided to be included in the Games. Some of it includes badminton, boxing, basketball, canoeing, table tennis, tennis, fencing, swimming, field hockey and football. Disciplines include diving, equestrian, gymnastics in its three categories which are artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline, and wrestling.

Surely, everyone in Brazil Rio is now excited for the Games to begin. The Olympics is a clear reminder for everyone that even though we have our own differences, there is still hope that we can achieve the trait of being competitive without harming others and those we can still unite in a friendly way.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Nutrimill Grain Mill – A Revolution in Grain Mills

We don’t often come across a kitchen product that’s genuinely revolutionary, but once it does it could transform the way we do things at home and with our lifestyle in turn. Such revolutionary innovation comes in the form of the Nutrimill Grain Mill, which features its convenient use and noise-free, heat-reduced performance. The preliminary problems and issues involving electric grain mills have been dealt with in the Nutrimill, which includes operation that’s free of dust and can conduct self-cleaning aside from the reduced noise levels. The special feature that enables the low- to no-noise levels is the air channeling, which is a novel and intelligent design, and one that setsNutrimill way above the other modern kitchen mills. Indeed, the engineers have carefully crafted the features to make the Nutrimill highly useful for the people. For instance, the interaction with the bowl is made easier and more effortless through the Trutrack guides found in the base of the mill. Also, storage is made more convenient with the storage of the cord within the unit, and it can be disassembled fast with the use of the take-down knob.            

Fine, efficient technology

The specialized heads used for milling—the TruGrind impact milling heads—enables the production of grinds that are both fine and coarse. These stainless steel heads prevent the mixing of the stones and burrs in the grains by turning the wheat berries into fine grains. Along with this is the cooling mechanism with the use of the airflow design found in the base of the unit. Thus, temperatures below 125 can be achieved, thereby preserving the essential nutrients of the grains.   

Novel multifunctionality

There are two levels of control in this mill by which you can regulate the coarseness or fineness of the flour. Through the variable speed motor feature, impact heads can be controlled by the user as well as the speed of the motor, enabling you to have the grains that are perfect either for flours in cakes or for popcorn and rice. Also, the huge selection of grains that are dry and grindable can be used in special diets or in gluten-free ones.  

Grinding Mill that’s Fast and Efficient

About 20 cups of flour can go through the mill and be one in five minutes more or less through the impressive design of the impact chamber. Overfilling the bowl will not be a problem with the predetermined one to one ratio for milling, which enables one to fill the grain hopper with no worries whatsoever. Also, this is the sole grinder that can be switched on and off during the grinding itself, unlike other units that have impact chambers that are jammed. 

Durability and Superb Quality

Truly the Nutrimill is an important addition to any kitchen, and the quality can be assured not only with the type of motor used but with the impact heads as well. The ingenuity, versatility and craftsmanship of its design will assure the user of its durability for many years to come. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Roll of Successful Examinees in the
   Held on MAY 13, 2012 & FF. DAYS                             
   Released on MAY 22, 2012

Seq. No.         N a m e
                          1        ABACA, MARIA FRANCIA  SANCHEZ
                          2        ABAD, JUAN CARLO  ANZALDO
                          3        ABAD, MARIA MONIEL  PAMA
                          4        ABALOS, JERICO  PETILLA
                          5        ABANIEL, CHIZON MARK DOUGLAS  SOLIJON
                          6        ABANTO, KING FAHDE  LIM
                          7        ABARCA, ZACH  VALONES
                          8        ABARQUEZ, JESELITO  ALCALA
                          9        ABDON, JAY-AR  PANTUA
                         10        ABDUL, AIZA  BALIAG
                         11        ABELLANA, CLAIRE ANN  DIZON
                         12        ABLING, AIZEL  CATAPANG
                         13        ABNE, ROSEVILLA  TIQUEL
                         14        ABONG, GENO BILL  PAYOD
                         15        ABRATIQUE, MILDRED  VICEDO
                         16        ABREGANA, EDGARDO JR  BAAY
                         17        ABREGUNDA, FLORINIE  FERMIN
                         18        ABSALON, MARIA TERESA  CASTILLEJOS
                         19        ABSIN, KATHLEEN  HARE
                         20        ABUEVA, NILO  SUMAMPONG
                         21        ABUYOT, KRISTINE  SARINO
                         22        ACADEMIA, JESREL  ZONIO
                         23        ACANG, RUSHELL  LLACER
                         24        ACASO, KRISTINE  LAPONG
                         25        ACERA, ALLAN FRANCIS  SANCHEZ
                         26        ACERET, HANEL JOYCE  OANDASAN
                         27        ACESOR, JOVYLYN  ARENAS
                         28        ACOFO, OPHELIA  FANA-ANG
                         29        ACOSA, MARK JIM  AGUIRRE
                         30        ACOSIDO, JON EDGAR  JUAN
                         31        ACOSTA, GEM IMEE  QUERUBIN
                         32        ACOSTA, JULIEFER  IMBORNAL
                         33        ACOYMO, ROGEVIEVE  VILLACASTIN
                         34        ACUIN, JUDITH  ABEJAR
                         35        ADA, ARCHER  DATARO
                         36        ADARNE, JESECA  ESTRADA
                         37        ADJIJIL, JON ALPHONZ  BOMBAES
                         38        ADOFINA, ALMIRA  REALEZA
                         39        ADOLFO, JENNIBETH  MELGAR
                         40        ADORNA, ROXANNE  CONIZA
                         41        ADRIAS, REGINE  SICAT
                         42        AGDAN, RUTH MICAH  PERENAL
                         43        AGNAS, GRETCHEN  MORENO
                         44        AGUHOB, RENZ  PINEDA
                         45        AGUILA, MA ANDREA  ANTONIO
                         46        AGUILAR, SHARON  BAZAR
                         47        AGUINALDO, JAYCE JETSIE  GACELO
                         48        AGUSTIN, DALLY ANN  TADEO
                         49        AGUSTIN, ROSEMARIE  HILARIO
                         50        ALAMPAY, WILFEM  YBARLEY  
                         51        ALAPAG, DOMINGO  CERO
                         52        ALAPAR, RIZZA MEI  POBLETE
                         53        ALARCON, JESTONI  LUNA
                         54        ALAVA, GLYNN  GAYAS
                         55        ALBA, KIMBERLY ANN  VILLAMAYOR
                         56        ALBANO, MATHEW NIKKOLAS  OLAYON
                         57        ALBARICO, NOEL JR  CARREON
                         58        ALBELAR, JERO  JARDENIL
                         59        ALBIS, TEFFANY  SOLARES
                         60        ALBORIA, DOUGLAS  INDINO
                         61        ALBUNIAN, GRACE  MENOR
                         62        ALBURAN, RONNACEL  GODINEZ
                         63        ALCACHUPAS, CHARISSA  BUTON
                         64        ALCANTARA, CHARMAIN  VILLAFLORES
                         65        ALCANTARA, NAOMI KIRSTEN  CALUB
                         66        ALCANTARA, SONNY MEL  HALLARCES
                         67        ALCON, DWAYNE  LANUZA
                         68        ALCONES, BERLY JOY  CONDE
                         69        ALDECOA, AARON KEVIN  PUA
                         70        ALE, JONALYN  MADANGUIT
                         71        ALEJOS, FIORELLA  DELA CRUZ
                         72        ALENTON, JUN BRIAN  BASALLO
                         73        ALFISCAR, KIRSTEN MAY  GALOLO
                         74        ALFONSO, RODDIE GENE  GONZALES
                         75        ALI, FAIZODEN  PANGARUNGAN
                         76        ALI, NORSHEED YUSUF  USOP
                         77        ALIGUYON, KURT RUSSEL  SERRANO
                         78        ALIMA, EMMA  DAYAGANON
                         79        ALIMURONG, ACE BRIAN  ANSALDO
                         80        ALINSUNORIN, CHARLOTTE  MEDES
                         81        ALIS, FRANCIS  HUFANCIA
                         82        ALIVIO, WILLIAM  TEK-ING
                         83        ALLERA, IVY ROSE  BELNAS
                         84        ALMAZAN, JOSEPH PAOLO  PALAGANAS
                         85        ALMIRANTE, AYLE BRAY  VILLAFUERTE
                         86        ALOIT, GEFFREY  PETILLA
                         87        ALONZO, MICHELE  DE JESUS
                         88        ALQUIZA, LEAH HANNAH  DAYAO
                         89        ALSAEN, JERIEL ERLE  LOZANO
                         90        ALTES, EDEN SARRAH  TAPERLA
                         91        ALURA, RIZGARNETT  JINGCO
                         92        ALVARADO, JOANNA MARIE  CURIT
                         93        ALVAREZ, MICHAEL  SUMALDE
                         94        ALVARICO, ROEVEL FRANZ  CABUNGCAL
                         95        ALVENDO, ROMELIE  DE GUZMAN
                         96        ALZAGA, ROSE ANN  NALUZ
                         97        AMAN, GIAN CARLO  ALMORO
                         98        AMANSEC, CELINA MARIE  CAMACHO
                         99        AMATA, CLAUDINE  MAGARRO
                        100        AMBRAY, ARNNY JULY  VALEROSO  
                        101        AMBUYOC, JOHN LEO  DANO
                        102        AMELER, CARISSA  CAÑETE
                        103        AMIGABLE, JOSEPHINE  VITUG
                        104        AMIGO, CRESCENCIO JR  PICUT
                        105        AMONELO, NIÑO CARLO  POLIQUIT
                        106        AMOR, SHEILA MAE  CLEMENTE
                        107        AMORA, MARIA THERESA  JADRAQUE
                        108        AMORA, VIVIAN  BENIGNOS
                        109        ANANORIA, LUCILLE MARIE  BALLESTEROS
                        110        ANCA, JACQUELINE  SALEN
                        111        ANCHETA, ROSE ANN  BARRIENTOS
                        112        ANDAL, ABIGAEL  MARCIAL
                        113        ANDAYA, JUSTINE TIMMY GIEL  VALLO
                        114        ANDAYA, SANTIAGO JR  PALACIO
                        115        ANDES, ALDWYN  CALAUD
                        116        ANDEZA, DACER  BUSTAMANTE
                        117        ANDIG, NARIMA  BALT
                        118        ANDINO, CLARISSE  ULALIA
                        119        ANDINO, ISABEL REGINA  DOGELIO
                        120        ANDRES, CIERYLYN  RIVERA
                        121        ANG, DIANE MICHELLE  BERNARDO
                        122        ANG, SHERALD WINCHEL  PINTACASI
                        123        ANG, TIMMY  ROBLES
                        124        ANGELES, KAMEEHLA  TRINIDAD
                        125        ANGLO, RONALYN  MARANAN
                        126        ANGSIOCO, ARLYN JOY  RAYOS
                        127        ANIBAN, NOEMI  VILLAPA
                        128        ANINO, KENNETH ALBERT  DE GUZMAN
                        129        ANINZO, JO ANN  ECLARINAL
                        130        ANTIGUO, GINALYN  SERNADILLA
                        131        ANTONIO, MARIO JR  REYNOSO
                        132        ANTONIO, NOEMI  BULOS
                        133        ANTONIO, ROSEMARIE  MAPE
                        134        ANUPOL, ROMEO  HUBILLAR
                        135        ANWAR, SAMEER  DIZON
                        136        APALAT, AERA JEAN  SALAPARE
                        137        APAWAN, ROLLIE MAR  TAGARDA
                        138        APILAN, ANNALU  BAEL
                        139        APOLINARIO, MARY GRACE  DEL ROSARIO
                        140        APOSTOL, MA LOUELA  LOMIBAO
                        141        APOSTOL, ZHAINEY  CABISON
                        142        AQUINO, AIREEN GRAY  JUAN
                        143        AQUINO, ALYSSA MARIE  VALDEVIEZO
                        144        AQUINO, DIVINE GRACE  BAUTISTA
                        145        AQUINO, JOHN KEVIN  MENDOZA
                        146        AQUINO, RACHELLE  BOLINA
                        147        AQUINO, REINIEL JOHN  GIGANTE
                        148        AQUINO, SARAH JAYNE  DIESTRO
                        149        AQUIÑO, LAUREEN  BEJA
                        150        ARABIA, MARY BERNADETTE JOY  SERRANO  
                        151        ARAGON, JAYSON  PARCO
                        152        ARANAS, JESSA DAWN  SAMONTE
                        153        ARANDA, MARIECON  BASCO
                        154        ARANDELA, MARICHU  AYO
                        155        ARANETA, RAYMOND  LOZADA
                        156        ARAOS, KRISTINE  BALOG
                        157        ARBOSO, KATHRINE  SANIEL
                        158        ARDAMIL, IRENE  VEGA
                        159        ARELLANO, ALVIN  DELA CUESTA
                        160        ARENA, LENIE LYN  RIVERA
                        161        ARENAS, LESLIE ANNE  LAGMAY
                        162        ARENAS, MANILYN  BANICO
                        163        ARENIEGO, DALIA  GAMUETA
                        164        AREVALO, JOY  SANGALANG
                        165        AREÑOS, DANILO JR  SAGUIN
                        166        ARGONCILLO, JACKLYN  GABUCAN
                        167        ARIAS, MICHAEL VINCENT  CATAPANG
                        168        ARIATE, BERNA MAE  FRANCISCO
                        169        ARIZABAL, AXEL  CARLOS
                        170        ARMAMENTO, NONATO JR  APAS
                        171        ARMARIO, SHERE JANE  BALANA
                        172        ARMAS, DOMINGO  MATALANG
                        173        ARNEDO, CHARLIE MAGNE  GUMILAB
                        174        ARPIA, MARK ISRAEL  MASCARIÑAS
                        175        ARQUERO, DAVID ANGELO  SANCHEZ
                        176        ARQUILADO, MARY GRACE  BARRERA
                        177        ARRIESGADO, FELIX  MARIKIT
                        178        ARROYO, MARK-LESTER  VILLAVERDE
                        179        ARTUZ, ALVIN  DE LUNA
                        180        ASENTISTA, KRIS MAE  ESTILLORE
                        181        ASETRE, MANROE VI  AVILA
                        182        ASPIRAS, LILIAN YVETTE MARIE  MADRIAGA
                        183        ASTUDILLO, CHERRY ANN  BAWAGAN
                        184        ASUNCION, ALDRIN  ADMANA
                        185        ASUNCION, JOHN CARLO  RAMONES
                        186        ATCHAZO, ANGELYN  ASPA
                        187        ATENCIO, DAVID PAUL  PENA
                        188        ATENDIDO, ROSEMARIE  ARCEO
                        189        ATIENZA, BONNE WILSON  ERNI
                        190        ATIENZA, BREN CLEMUEL  ADRIATICO
                        191        ATIENZA, GENNA MARIE  MARCO
                        192        ATIENZA, JOHN RAFAEL  PATRON
                        193        ATIS, WINDICTO JR  TAUTHO
                        194        AUREADA, YASSER  RAMOS
                        195        AUSTRIA, LAURENE JENNIBETH  VALDEZ
                        196        AUTENCIO, JASON JAMES  BARANDA
                        197        AUTOR, EUNICE APRIL  LABESORES
                        198        AVANCEÑA, CHERRY  QUINTOS
                        199        AVENIDO, ANGELI  DATAHAN
                        200        AWITAN, MICHAEL REY  REOLIGIO  
                        201        AYING, JEFFREY  DOLORICAN
                        202        AYO, MOHSEN  USMAN
                        203        AÑANA, LIZAMAE  ROLLOQUE
                        204        AÑONUEVO, LLEANORE  ABAPO
                        205        BABANO, PEARL APRIL  CAGA-ANAN
                        206        BADAYOS, JOCELYN  ERANES
                        207        BADILLO, MARY GRACE  PATAUEG
                        208        BADIO, BERNADETTE  BISAYA
                        209        BAEL, CRISTINA  LANADO
                        210        BAEZ, CAMILLE ANNE  IÑIGO
                        211        BAG-AO, EARL RYANN  DAQUIS
                        212        BAGAOISAN, KRISTINA ANGELI  RAYO
                        213        BAGAPORO, ARVIN  TORRALBA
                        214        BAGUIO, LAURENCE  MAG-ASO
                        215        BAJARIAS, LOIS JULY  PATES
                        216        BALAGA, FRESAH  ESCUADRA
                        217        BALAGTEY, ULYSSES  ESPARA
                        218        BALAJADIA, GEE  BARRIDO
                        219        BALANE, MEILYN  QUIMPO
                        220        BALATICO, JAEDICKE BJORN  CORPUZ
                        221        BALBIRAN, RAQUEL  SUÑER
                        222        BALDERAMA, CRESENCIO RICK  PADAGAS
                        223        BALDERAMA, JEFFREY  ESCALICAS
                        224        BALDOZA, JERSON CHRIST  OSIA
                        225        BALDRES, RACHEL  NORTE
                        226        BALIBALOS, ANNARITA SANDY  NUEVA
                        227        BALIDO, HANNAH FAYE  ARIOLA
                        228        BALILA, EMELIANA  GABON
                        229        BALIO, DRAZEN PAUL  NABOR
                        230        BALISALISA, MARLON ANTONIO  ANTONIO
                        231        BALISONG, FLORE JOY  DICALENG
                        232        BALITON, JONALYN  CAILIN
                        233        BALLAD, LAYWON  MORAUDA
                        234        BALLADA, RYAN JERRIC  LOPEZ
                        235        BALLESTEROS, MELCHOR JR  AGUHAR
                        236        BALMEO, LUALHATI  LAZARO
                        237        BALMES, DIOSDADO JR  RIVERA
                        238        BALONDO, BLADY NEL  MICULOB
                        239        BALOYO, LARAH MAE  ZAMORA
                        240        BALSOMO, KHEN  ELMIDO
                        241        BALT, AL-NAJIB  PANONDIONGAN
                        242        BALUT, EMERSON  BALLESTEROS
                        243        BALUYOT, MARILYN  MEDINA
                        244        BALUYUT, ANTONIA  SICAT
                        245        BANAAG, IMELDA  CABRERA
                        246        BANAO, RYAN JAY  CUDIAMAT
                        247        BANAYAG, GERONIMO JR  PAPA
                        248        BANDIGAN, NOREEN  GULMATICO
                        249        BANDONG, MARIA FARAH ADELA  FERRO
                        250        BANIQUED, CHRISTIAN PATRICK  AQUINO  
                        251        BANISIL, SITTIE ALYSSAH  AGAK
                        252        BANLUTA, ROY  OCIONES
                        253        BANTUAS, SITTIE NAYDAH  BOTAWAN
                        254        BANTUAS, YAHANIEH  BANTUAS
                        255        BANUSING, MARK  GEGUIRA
                        256        BARCELON, JODEE  GAYONDATO
                        257        BARCINAS, RALPH FRANCIS  VILLAREAL
                        258        BARIN, JOSE EDUARDO  FERRER
                        259        BARLONGO, MABELLE  ESTRADA
                        260        BARRIDO, SHARON  CABANILLA
                        261        BARROT, RIOROSE MAIR  QUIMSON
                        262        BARROZO, IMELDA  LINTAG
                        263        BARROZO, ROSANNA MAY  BORLONGAN
                        264        BASA, JAYSON  CABUTIN
                        265        BASIANO, JERAMIE ANN  CATIMBANG
                        266        BATALLA, VANESSA  VELASCO
                        267        BATNAG, CARL  LUBANG
                        268        BATO-ON, TREESH MARIE  AMBA
                        269        BATONGBACAL, REIZHELLE KAYE  MATIAS
                        270        BAUTISTA, JASON  DACOSCOS
                        271        BAUTISTA, JOANA MARIE  DELA CRUZ
                        272        BAUTISTA, LAUMAR DAIME  JOAQUIN
                        273        BAUTISTA, MARK JOSEPH  BABINA
                        274        BAUTISTA, PLENA TSARINA  DE
                        275        BAYOTAS, ROSELIE  NOFIES
                        276        BAYUBAY, GRETCHEN  YSULAN
                        277        BEGAS, JEVY ANN  DANGDANG
                        278        BELAYA, RAINE  NAVALLO
                        279        BELDENIZA, ALFREDO JR  VILLANUEVA
                        280        BELTRAN, APRILYN  JOVEN
                        281        BELTRAN, RACHELLE  APONIO
                        282        BENDAÑO, JONALD  BATOMALAQUE
                        283        BENIN, MARCO GABRIEL  RESÑGIT
                        284        BENITEZ, RUSELLE ANN GRACE  SAMPAGA
                        285        BENZON, ROSELLE  BORDEOS
                        286        BEQUESO, FARLA JESSA  TEO
                        287        BERING, MARIA AIZA  TAMPUS
                        288        BERNABE, CHERRY ANN  NOCUM
                        289        BERNACER, ROSE ANN  BUCAG
                        290        BERNIL, DON  ABUEVA
                        291        BEROL, MA DELMALYN  BOTICARIO
                        292        BESA, DEBBIE  FRONDARINA
                        293        BESA, FRANCIS  MOTA
                        294        BIBANCO, GIRLY  ASUMBRADO
                        295        BIHAG, ANNABEL  QUIAPO
                        296        BIHIS, KENNETH DREXEL  SALCEDO
                        297        BILALAT, BLAINE JENNER  AMONGAN
                        298        BILAOS, JOHN FERRY  OSTREA
                        299        BILARMINO, ANGELICA  CHUA
                        300        BILLOTE, JUVYLET JOY  MIRANDA  
                        301        BLANES, RHEA  CORPUS
                        302        BOBADILLA, ANNA REMELEA  LAURELES
                        303        BONDOC, JESSICA  NIALA
                        304        BONDOC, VANESSA  FRANCISCO
                        305        BONHAON, LENALYN CLARISSE  AMAWAN
                        306        BORAGAY, CHRISTINE  LAGSIT
                        307        BORDA, MARIBEL  FLORES
                        308        BORIBOR, RUEL  MADRID
                        309        BORINAGA, TZAR RODA  ENDICO
                        310        BORRINAGA, IDA MARI  CABANGAN
                        311        BORROMEO, JOEMAR  ROSARIA
                        312        BOYOSE, EDUARDO JR  YCONG
                        313        BRANDES, BRENDA  QUIPE
                        314        BRAVO, AIRIZ  DIAZ
                        315        BRAZA, STARLIFE  ANDRES
                        316        BRIAGAS, MARK EDGAR  BUTIHI
                        317        BRIBON, CRISTY ANN  TIMBREZA
                        318        BRIGOLE, JIJAN  CUARTEROS
                        319        BRIZ, DONNA  DERIT
                        320        BRONIOLA, JENNIFER ROSE  MEDINA
                        321        BROQUIL, JANESSA  CLARIN
                        322        BRUEGAS, KATHLEEN MAE  PADUA
                        323        BUADO, TOMMY  BAUTISTA
                        324        BUCAD, AILENE  SERGIO
                        325        BUCU, LORELEI JOSELLE  HIDALGO
                        326        BUENAOBRA, KRISTINE  GUEVARA
                        327        BUENAVENTURA, MELANIE  PASTRANA
                        328        BUENCONSEJO, IRENE  LEONOR
                        329        BUENO, JOHNROM HOMER  MIGUEL
                        330        BUENSUCESO, MANUEL JR  PILLORA
                        331        BULAC, ANALYN  LAWAS
                        332        BULACSAO, JEAN DIANNE  SANTIAGO
                        333        BULAN, MARIA RICA EMILY  TEMPLO
                        334        BULAON, ANGELIE  PANGILINAN
                        335        BULIGON, BERNAGEN  BOLGAYON
                        336        BULLOS, LEE BRIAN  RAMOS
                        337        BUMANGLAG, BEJAY  JUAN
                        338        BUNAG, RICHARD  DE LEON
                        339        BUNCAL, CHERRIE MAE  ALEGRE
                        340        BURAC, JENNIFER  NORCIO
                        341        BURLAOS, MHIKE KARL  CARPENTERO
                        342        BUSTAMANTE, IVAN MIKHAIL  PAGASPAS
                        343        BUSTILLO, NICOLE LANCE  ORTIZ
                        344        CABAG, CRYSTAL JOY  NACARIO
                        345        CABAGUING, ANGELO  SIBLE
                        346        CABAHUG, DEVINA  YGAÑA
                        347        CABALDO, KELVIN  APIGO
                        348        CABALIDA, MARY GRACE  NOVAL
                        349        CABALLERO, SHERYL MAE  EMPUERTO
                        350        CABALU, LEONEIL PATRICK  PANGANIBAN  
                        351        CABANTING, LANNIE  MANANSALA
                        352        CABARON, JOVELYN  
                        353        CABASIS, MARIA SIENA  MASAOY
                        354        CABAÑERO, CELESTINO  ASEO
                        355        CABE, FREDERICK SIMEON JR  SANTA CRUZ
                        356        CABIDOG, MERRIAM LEIROSE  DAGANTA
                        357        CABILLO, GENARD  RAFANAN
                        358        CABISO, AMIESHANE  RONQUILLO
                        359        CABONILAS, JEFFRIEL  VERANA
                        360        CABOSURA, MYRENE AMOR  LARDIZABAL
                        361        CABRAL, KRISTINE BESALIE  AUSTRIA
                        362        CABRERA, CHRIZTAL LYNN  DEGORIO
                        363        CABRERA, JASON  PEDROSA
                        364        CABUNILAS, DARYL  MANECLANG
                        365        CABURIAN, KIM NIKKON  DY
                        366        CACERES, MARK GENESIS  MARIANO
                        367        CACHO, BERLYN  LAURO
                        368        CADA, CHRISTIAN  VILLETA
                        369        CADA, JOHN ERICSON  DATING
                        370        CADACIO, ALICE  LUNAR
                        371        CADAVOS, MAE ANN  MANILE
                        372        CADUNGOG, PAT REY  CARCUEVA
                        373        CAGUIOA, ARLENE  MANZON
                        374        CAGUIWA, MA THERESA  FERMIN
                        375        CAGULADA, GENEL  HIDALGO
                        376        CAHIDO, RUBY MAE  RAVELA
                        377        CAHILIG, RENEL  RENTINO
                        378        CAHOY, RHEA ELLEN  TORRALBA
                        379        CAJES, MELODY JOY  MIASCO
                        380        CALAGUIAN, MARK  DY
                        381        CALANG, SALVADOR  SALIGUMBA
                        382        CALBE, HAMDHANI  ALIP
                        383        CALDERON, CHARLIE MCMAGNE  DOMASING
                        384        CALDERON, SHARON  SORIANO
                        385        CALENG, ROSELYN  BISWELAN
                        386        CALIB, NADZED  GAOSIL
                        387        CALING, WAYNE  RUIZ
                        388        CALINGASAN, ROSE ANN  KALAW
                        389        CALIXTERIO, JENELYN  PAA
                        390        CALLORINA, CRISTHANY IAN  RAMONES
                        391        CALMA, KEVIN ELIJA  FRANCO
                        392        CALONG, AMELYN  YADAO
                        393        CALORA, AUBREY  LACBAYO
                        394        CALSA, JANICE ANTONETTE  GAITANO
                        395        CAMACHO, JEFFREY  GORILLO
                        396        CAMAY, YADAH  GATACELO
                        397        CAMBA, EDGAR ALLAN  ORATA
                        398        CAMBA, VINCE ALAN JR  ALMENDRALA
                        399        CAMBOBO, GLORINA  LONGALONG
                        400        CAMERINO, ELBERT  CARO  
                        401        CAMILON, MARIE JUDE  COMILAN
                        402        CAMISO, ALDRIN BENAIAH  CLEMENTE
                        403        CAMPECIÑO, NIÑA JOY  CIÑO
                        404        CAMPO, MARIA LUZ  ABUYABOR
                        405        CAMPOS, GLADYS  SACAMAY
                        406        CAMPOS, JOANNE MARIE  TAN
                        407        CAMPOS, ROXANNE JANE  VARGAS
                        408        CAMPOSAGRADO, JOYCE  RUSIT
                        409        CAMPUGAN, HAZEL  JUMUAD
                        410        CANLAS, MARIA LOURDES  DE PERALTA
                        411        CANTILLAS, RACHELLE FARLASH ANNE  STA CRUZ
                        412        CAOCTOY, JOHN REY  MARAPOC
                        413        CAPARAS, ANJELYN  LIÑAN
                        414        CAPIENDO, RAIZA ANGELA  PARULAN
                        415        CAPISTRANO, MARIA EMMELINE  AMADOR
                        416        CAPITANIA, NEMAR JAY  PAITAN
                        417        CAPON, RONALD  FORTEZA
                        418        CAPOQUIAN, GLENFORD GIL  JANURAS
                        419        CAPUYAN, RUSSELL ANN  OLAC
                        420        CARAAN, MANUEL CHRISTOPHER  ALBAIS
                        421        CARAMBAS, JAIZZLE  CABANILLA
                        422        CARANTO, PHILIP BRYAN  ABESAMIS
                        423        CARBON, FAMILA  GIJAN
                        424        CARBONERA, MARNELYN  SALAZAR
                        425        CARBUNGCO, MICHAEL REY  GEALONE
                        426        CARDINAL, RICHIE  CABALLERO
                        427        CARILLO, JAHSON  ESPIRITU
                        428        CARIÑO, BARBARA BEATRIZ  MARIANO
                        429        CARIÑO, NOELO JR  PRIELA
                        430        CARLOS, REINMARK  SEBASTIAN
                        431        CARREON, KAREN CAMILLE  VITAL
                        432        CARTAGO, STEPHANIE  SALUNGA
                        433        CASANO, JHERMAINE  CALMA
                        434        CASANOVA, MONICA  CAPIONES
                        435        CASAS, APRIL ANGELI  CANUDAY
                        436        CASEÑO, VITCHIE  MAINIT
                        437        CASPE, CRISTOPHER REY  CALIM
                        438        CASQUEJO, NAZARENE  TAPANG
                        439        CASTILLO, BILLY  CAMACHO
                        440        CASTILLO, DESERIE  ARRIOLA
                        441        CASTILLO, ELSA  BOBIER
                        442        CASTILLO, JAMES PATRICK  FANG
                        443        CASTILLO, JANELLA MARGRETTE  CASIMIRO
                        444        CASTILLO, MARIELA ALLENE  DELGADO
                        445        CASTILLO, MAY ANN CRYSTALYN  UNIAS
                        446        CASTILLO, RICO  HISU-AN
                        447        CASTILLO, ROBERT JOHN  BASADA
                        448        CASTILLON, GILYN MARIE  DE LOS SANTOS
                        449        CASTRO, ANTHONY  ORNOPIA
                        450        CASTRO, CHERRY MAE  SEPLON  
                        451        CASTRO, KENNETH PAUL JOHN  GATCHALIAN
                        452        CASTRO, MARILOU  BERMUDEZ
                        453        CASTRONUEVO, IVY  ABINA
                        454        CATALO, JOHN ROBERT  CAPACITE
                        455        CATANYAG, MARIAN ROSE  VILLANUEVA
                        456        CATERBAS, RHEA MAY  LABADOR
                        457        CATIGBE, INGRED  BAÑEZ
                        458        CATINDIG, KATHRINE ROSE  CO
                        459        CATMON, ARNEL  CABURNAY
                        460        CATU, JHON CARLO  MALONZO
                        461        CATUBAG, KATHLEEN MAE  PUA
                        462        CATUBIG, DIANA ROSE  VILLAMOR
                        463        CAUILAN, GEMMA  CUSIPAG
                        464        CAUSON, PAULINE JOY  DEPACINA
                        465        CAVERTE, JOANNE  VILLAVICENCIO
                        466        CAVIENTE, JUVILYN  ENRIQUEZ
                        467        CAWAYAN, MARJORIE  CULOP
                        468        CAYABYAB, ABIGIL  PRADO
                        469        CAYABYAB, MADONNA  DELOS SANTOS
                        470        CAYABYAB, RISHEIL  MANGALUS
                        471        CAYABYAB, ROMEL  REYES
                        472        CAYAGO, MARIA NIÑA  ISON
                        473        CAYASAN, MELROSE  RULONA
                        474        CAÑABANO, RICHARD NICK  VENTURINA
                        475        CAÑADA, ARLENE MAE  MALCO
                        476        CAÑESO, MICHAEL BRYAN  VILLAREAL
                        477        CAÑETE, FRANCIS  CASTILLO
                        478        CAÑETE, RICHARD LEI  PACIENCIA
                        479        CEBALDA, SHIERLY  QUITARA
                        480        CEBREROS, RONALYN  GIBA
                        481        CEBU, CORAZON JEAN  LABOC
                        482        CELESTIAL, EDLYN  INLAYO
                        483        CENDAÑA, MAILA ANN  BARUELO
                        484        CENIZA, ANDREW  TIDOSO
                        485        CESA, SHERRIE ANN  OMPAD
                        486        CESISTA, FREDA  BASCOS
                        487        CHAM, SABRINA BARBARA  CHUA
                        488        CHAN, LINNET MADELANE  CHAN
                        489        CHAN, ROY  TION
                        490        CHAN, RUBY MAY  VENTURA
                        491        CHAN, SAMANTHA FAE  DYCHUTEE
                        492        CHAVEZ, ARRIANNE  MONTERO
                        493        CHAVEZ, BONIFACIO JR  DIONES
                        494        CHAVEZ, JEROME  CALUBAN
                        495        CHAVEZ, SANDY  ESTRELLA
                        496        CHAVEZ, TESSA JANE  TAGANAS
                        497        CHENG, MARK JAYCHELL  UNTALAN
                        498        CHING, RYAN  DELA CRUZ
                        499        CHOZAS, JOHNDELL  GOMEZ
                        500        CHUA, DANICA ELLA  BELTRAN  
                        501        CHUA, ELAINE  BUJAWE
                        502        CHUA, GIANNA  TAN
                        503        CIMATU, LYANN  CALDITO
                        504        CIRIACO, MARY JOY  MONTERON
                        505        CLARINO, RAPHAEL ARSENIO  NUÑEZ
                        506        CLAUDEL, CHERIEL  ABUHAN
                        507        CLAUDIO, VERGIEDEN KIETH  ORLOPIA
                        508        CLAVERIA, JAYSON  PARIS
                        509        CODERA, GRACE  GABUCAN
                        510        COGAY, DONWAYNE  VISAYA
                        511        COLLAMAT, NELETTE  DIONGZON
                        512        COMETA, MAY ANNE  SILVA
                        513        COMETA, RAYMUND  ANCAJAS
                        514        COMPLETO, ANTHONY  MALUNHAO
                        515        COMPRA, ERLENE  MONTEROLA
                        516        CONCEPCION, JERICO PAOLO  AGBAYANI
                        517        CONCEPCION, LUCILLE  ESTEFA
                        518        CONCEPCION, RUBIE LYNN  NOTO
                        519        CONDE, EUNICE SHEILA MAE  CANANGA
                        520        CONSOLACION, JULIE ANN  BATERINA
                        521        CONTIÑEDO, LOVER DANN  JALAPON
                        522        CONTRERAS, MARY ROSE  
                        523        CORDERO, KIMBERLEY IONNE  YU
                        524        CORDOVA, FATIMA FAYE  ESCALONA
                        525        CORDOVA, JEANREY  ATENDIDO
                        526        CORNEJO, JENNY  BANAAG
                        527        CORNEJO, LIMUEL  LAS
                        528        CORNES, JORDAN CEDRIC  EBRON
                        529        CORNILLEZ, RALYNNE  EQUIZA
                        530        CORONADO, JAMES KENNETH  IBONA
                        531        CORONEL, JENA-MYN  GONZALES
                        532        CORRAL, MARIANO JR  VILLAMIL
                        533        CORRO, LOVELY GRACE  LAHAYLAHAY
                        534        CORSINO, JERWAYNE  CENTENO
                        535        CORTEZ, ANTONIO  ARAÑA
                        536        CORTEZ, RALPH ANTHONY  SAGAYSAY
                        537        CORTUNA, REYMUND  CUEBILLAS
                        538        COSTALES, PATRIEK  GAMBOA
                        539        COTAOCO, GRACEL  NG CHA
                        540        COTIN, JAN ELEBE  FABILLAR
                        541        CREBILLO, FRANCIS CHAD  ARGUELLES
                        542        CRUZ, ANAFEIL MARIE  COSUE
                        543        CRUZ, ARIANE MARGARET  MONIS
                        544        CRUZ, CHRISTINE JOYCE  MALLARI
                        545        CRUZ, ELAIZA  CRUZ
                        546        CRUZ, HERSHEY  TANCASIS
                        547        CRUZ, KENDY  ALVARO
                        548        CRUZ, MA NATHALIE  AGAS
                        549        CRUZABRA, VANESSA  FULGENCIO
                        550        CUADRA, JAREPEL HOPE  YAP  
                        551        CUAJOTOR, CHRISTINE  BETE
                        552        CUBAR, MARIA CORAZON  MAGNO
                        553        CUBELO, HARIETTE ERIKA  FRANCISCO
                        554        CUBILLAN, ESTER CINDY  GERALDEZ
                        555        CUBILLO, MARISSA  JALAWIG
                        556        CUENCA, ANGELICA MAE  PANOPIO
                        557        CUENCA, MA RONNA DULCE  CABERIO
                        558        CUERDO, LERMA CASPER  RIVAMONTE
                        559        CUERVO, LEAH MAE  LOPEZ
                        560        CUEVA, MEAH  BARUADO
                        561        CUISON, ROSARIO SARAH  ZAMUDIO
                        562        CUIZON, IRISH  BONTILAO
                        563        CUIZON, VIRGIELYN  MAJAIT
                        564        CULANAG, ELLA PAMELA  ARREGLADO
                        565        CUNA, EDDA SHEENAH  CAGUERHAB
                        566        CUNANAN, BILLY JOE  ACUÑA
                        567        CUSTODIO, NOEL HAROLD  CASIDO
                        568        CUTOR, MICHAEL  LEYSON
                        569        DABATOS, VERNA JANE  TOPIA
                        570        DACER, ROJANE  CARACAL
                        571        DAGA, ARIAN  SONIT
                        572        DAGANZO, MARY ANN  GUEVARRA
                        573        DAGDAG, RYAN JOSEPH  EVANGELISTA
                        574        DAGOOC, MC GLENN  AGUILAR
                        575        DAGYAN, CHARIS  PATTANG
                        576        DAHILIG, ANA MARGARET  TORRES
                        577        DAMASO, AUGIE  GANIRON
                        578        DAMASO, CARMINA ALLECA  PASCUAL
                        579        DAMPOG, NICEFORITA  TUMANDA
                        580        DANDAN, LENCEL  VALDEZ
                        581        DANGALLO, CATHERIN JOY  SIBAG
                        582        DANTES, JEZRA LYNN  REVIL
                        583        DAPILAGA, JENNELYN NESSA  CUBA
                        584        DAPITON, NORLITO  MORENO
                        585        DATOR, EVAN  PERFECIO
                        586        DATU, MAE ANGELA  MANLY
                        587        DATU-DACULA, ABULBASA  BALT
                        588        DAUGDAUG, ABIGAIL  DUYAPAT
                        589        DAVALOS, MA ROSANNA  FERNANDEZ
                        590        DAVID, JOHN DEE  VILLANUEVA
                        591        DAVIS, JASMINE LORRAINE  BERRO
                        592        DAWA, DANILA  ALOLOD
                        593        DAYANGHIRANG, KRACIEL  GLORI
                        594        DAZA, MA DULCE GERONA  COJUANGCO
                        595        DE CASTRO, REALYN  ATIENZA
                        596        DE GUZMAN, ADELAIDA  JANEVA
                        597        DE GUZMAN, DEXTER  VALERIO
                        598        DE GUZMAN, JAYSON  
                        599        DE GUZMAN, MARIA VIRGINIA  VIRI
                        600        DE GUZMAN, MYRA  LAMBINO  
                        601        DE GUZMAN, SARAH JOY  REGALA
                        602        DE GUZMAN, SHERWIN  GUMBA
                        603        DE JESUS, FLORANTE CHRISTOPHER  DE LEON
                        604        DE JESUS, HARVEY  CARREON
                        605        DE JESUS, JENNICA GRACE  ONG
                        606        DE JESUS, JULIE ANN  ARTUS
                        607        DE JESUS, KIRK EDWIN  ALEJO
                        608        DE JESUS, KLARIZA  FABON
                        609        DE JESUS, MICHAEL  SIMAN
                        610        DE JESUS, RUTH ANN MARY  CLIMACO
                        611        DE LA TORRE, ELIZA FRANCIA  DE LAS LLAGAS
                        612        DE LARA, JESSICA  PACHECO
                        613        DE LEON, RIANNE JOY  PINEDA
                        614        DE LIMA, GREGORIO III  LEE
                        615        DE LIMA, MARIA FRANCIA  GRIJALVO
                        616        DE LOS REYES, QUINN  POLO
                        617        DE LOS SANTOS, JANE  REYNOSO
                        618        DE LOS SANTOS, RODEL  PURAL
                        619        DE LOS SANTOS, ROMMELLE  IPAC
                        620        DE LUNA, FELIPE  RODELAS
                        621        DE LUNA, LEAH  PILA
                        622        DE PASION, JOCELYN  APARECE
                        623        DE PIO, PAUL JULIUS  SEBIOS
                        624        DE RAMOS, MELISA  JADER
                        625        DE SILVA, MARVIN BRYAN  LARA
                        626        DE SILVA, MAY-ANNE  MANGUIAT
                        627        DE TORRES, ANA CLAIRE  ROSALES
                        628        DE VILLA, EVELYN  CATIBOG
                        629        DECANG, RODOLFO  SISON
                        630        DECANO, KEITH DARYLL LAMBERT  RAMIREZ
                        631        DEGAMO, AN-AN  WAHING
                        632        DEJUCOS, JESMAR  ITALIA
                        633        DEL CAMPO, XYLENE MAE  LAOP
                        634        DEL MONTE, JADE  FORONDA
                        635        DEL MUNDO, MARJORIE ANNE  CRUZADA
                        636        DEL SOCORRO, LENNON VIC  ABERGOS
                        637        DEL VALLE, JULIUS KEVIN  LILAGAN
                        638        DELA CRUZ, DOMINADOR  MEDINA
                        639        DELA CRUZ, EVANGELINE  RAPINAN
                        640        DELA CRUZ, FRANCIS ALLAN  SUMULONG
                        641        DELA CRUZ, GUILLEN  SEBASTIAN
                        642        DELA CRUZ, MARY GRACE  COLLADO
                        643        DELA CRUZ, RAMELO  JUGUAN
                        644        DELA CRUZ, RUEL  MABANTA
                        645        DELA DINGCO, JOSHUA  PAGALING
                        646        DELA PEÑA, PHILIPPE KING  GERONIMO
                        647        DELA ROSA, HAYDEE LOVELY  FRANCISCO
                        648        DELA TORRE, SHIELA MAY  TALADRO
                        649        DELACRUZ, JAZEL  RUIZ
                        650        DELIGEN, WILBERT  TONGALOG  
                        651        DELLUPAC, JENNISEN  VALDES
                        652        DELOBRINO, CHOLO ALDO  VALDEZ
                        653        DELOSA, YRLANDRE VANCE  KUIZON
                        654        DEMATERA, TIFFANY  RIVAS
                        655        DEMDAM, ABIGAEL  SENTINA
                        656        DENAYA, LADYLIZ  MAGBANUA
                        657        DENILA, JUN MARLON  MANTO
                        658        DENSING, GRACE  ROA
                        659        DESALES, JACKLYN KATE  CANDELARIA
                        660        DESIDERIO, KARL NADINE  TUAZON
                        661        DEVILA, BRIAN  MONDAREZ
                        662        DIAZ, JOSE RODOLFO  YAMBA
                        663        DIAZ, MARIE STACY MARGARETT  PILAPIL
                        664        DIAZ, NELSON  ZAMORA
                        665        DIAZ, OHGGIE  SORIANO
                        666        DIAZ, SARAH JANE  MENDONES
                        667        DICO, MARY ROCHELLE  DIEGO
                        668        DICO, REYMAR  ENGLIS
                        669        DIMACISIL, MONERA  MAMALANGCAP
                        670        DIMALALUAN, TRACY DIANNE  POSO
                        671        DIMAPILIS, ROCHELLE  FRANCISCO
                        672        DIMASENDEL, AL-HAFIZ  HERRERA
                        673        DIMASIGUE, DOROWAN  MANGGIS
                        674        DIMASUHID, JAY EMMERSON  NALZARO
                        675        DIMAYUGA, MAYRIANNE CHERRIES  DABU
                        676        DIN, ROMUALDO RAE  MANANSALA
                        677        DINGAL, MARIA ROMINA  DE LEON
                        678        DISU, KRISTEL JOY  ALCANTARA
                        679        DIZON, EDISON  PRESAS
                        680        DIZON, MARY GRACE  DE TORRES
                        681        DIZON, REGINE  ABAY
                        682        DIZON, RIA  MERTO
                        683        DOCENA, ROGELIO JR  ESTEVES
                        684        DODON, MARILOU  TAWA
                        685        DOLLOSO, MICHAEL GAUVIN  CAYLAN
                        686        DOLOIRAS, FRANCES LOUISE  SESBRENO
                        687        DOMINGO, BRYNNER  RODOLFO
                        688        DOMINGO, EMIERIZA  TOLENTINO
                        689        DOMINGO, KEYZIEL JOY  MENOR
                        690        DOMINGO, LIAN JOY  YALUNG
                        691        DOMONDON, MA JINKY  BERANGO
                        692        DONATO, MICHAEL JAMES  OCHAVE
                        693        DONAYRE, FERNANDO JR  GUBAT
                        694        DONDOYANO, JUSTINE DEAN  TAGALOG
                        695        DONES, IRISH  LLANDELAR
                        696        DORDAS, JHONNA  GOMEZ
                        697        DORIO, SHELAH  MAYANG
                        698        DOROJA, BON CEDRICK  DELA CENA
                        699        DOROJA, CLYD  TALADRO
                        700        DUCAY, MARY GRACE  DIG  
                        701        DUCUT, MALOU  ESPIRITU
                        702        DUDAS, LORILENE  RAMIREZ
                        703        DULAY, MARY GRACE  BUGUI
                        704        DULCE, JOHNA LYN  SALINOG
                        705        DUMARAN, MARIA CRISELDA  BENASA
                        706        DUMAYAS, CRISTINA JOY  CEZAR
                        707        DUNGOG, MAXIMO JR  HINLAYAGAN
                        708        DUPITAS, DEVY  ZARATE
                        709        DURANTE, MARVIN  CALUPIG
                        710        DURIA, GERLAINE LUTZ  LOSAYNON
                        711        EBALLENA, APARIZA  GARBAN
                        712        EBORA, ARIANNE MARIE  FENOL
                        713        ECHIN, CHUCK RG  SABERON
                        714        EDERON, MA FLORENTINA JOSEPHINE  MANCENIDO
                        715        EDJAN, RIONEL  SEGOCIO
                        716        EDRADAN, ROBE ANN  SUMAYOD
                        717        EDRALIN, IRISH JOY  GONZALES
                        718        ELAJAS, LEAH ELOUIESA  PAYOSING
                        719        ELEVADO, ROSEMARIE  TORRALBA
                        720        ELIC, JENNY MARIE  RABOY
                        721        ELIOT, CRISTINE FERL  BETANTOS
                        722        ELIVER, JOHN ALBERT  VALOIS
                        723        ELLAZAR, MARIA CRISTINA  CAPARAL
                        724        ELNAS, ARJAY  JUANICO
                        725        ELNAS, JINKY  BANTAYA
                        726        ELUMBARING, MARY ANN  ADRIATICO
                        727        EMPERIO, EDMOND  
                        728        ENANO, ALECEL  TURLA
                        729        ENAVIA, RENALYN  FORTES
                        730        ENCISO, RALPH BENEDICT  PALOGAN
                        731        ENGCONG, CARINA  GASPAR
                        732        ENOPIA, GERVY  PANERGO
                        733        ENRIQUEZ, KHEN  ORTIGOZA
                        734        EPOC, JUNILYN  RAMOS
                        735        EPPIE, YASMIN MYRAH  AMITO
                        736        ERGUIZA, JOSEPH DEO  CASILLAN
                        737        ESCALONA, RAZEL CARLO  JUANGCO
                        738        ESCAÑO, STEPHEN PAUL  SANZ
                        739        ESCORO, HILARIO JR  PADERES
                        740        ESCUADRO, LORILANE  ESCUADRO
                        741        ESDIO, PATERNO JR  DIASSAN
                        742        ESGUERRA, KRISTOFFER IVAN  CALMA
                        743        ESPARES, BIENVENIDO JOSE (BIENJO)  AREVALO
                        744        ESPINA, CATHERINE  CABALE
                        745        ESPINELI, DONNA JESSICA  ROA
                        746        ESPINO, CHARMAINE  BALADAD
                        747        ESPINO, KRISTINE  DELA CRUZ
                        748        ESPINOSA, KELVIN  JULIAN
                        749        ESPIRITU, ALFREDO  CUSTODIO
                        750        ESPIRITU, CLARITA  SIMBLANTE  
                        751        ESPIRITU, JOSEPHUS  MANUMBALE
                        752        ESPIRITU, MARIA JEAN EUNICE  RAYMUNDO
                        753        ESPLANA, JOHN RONAN TRISTAN  QUINDOZA
                        754        ESPONILLA, NELL PAULINE  ANDOSAY
                        755        ESTACIO, IMELDA  CABANAS
                        756        ESTANIEL, KAREN  CORONEL
                        757        ESTANISLAO, MAE BERNADETTE  MANUEL
                        758        ESTAÑOL, CHARMAGNE  ABUCEJO
                        759        ESTAÑOL, LEAH  ABINDAN
                        760        ESTELLOSO, ROSALYN ESTELLE  SACARE
                        761        ESTILLORE, JUSTINE IVANA  PIZA
                        762        ESTONIDO, AIRISSH  BUSTAMANTE
                        763        ESTORES, NIKKI  GALENO
                        764        ESTOSE, MARCHIUS CAESAR  TORRALBA
                        765        ESTRADA, JENELYN  AMBANLOC
                        766        ESTRELLA, DONNA FAYE  YUTUC
                        767        ESTRELLA, RHUWIN  LOMBISO
                        768        ESTRELLADO, JUANITO  PEREZ
                        769        EUCAPOR, CATHERINE  GUTLAY
                        770        EUCOGCO, LORNA  URGEL
                        771        EUGENIO, MA ANGELICA  BAUTISTA
                        772        EUGENIO, SHERIZ MAE  DOMALAON
                        773        EVANGELISTA, ANNA LIEZL  MAYOYO
                        774        EVANGELISTA, DIANNE CHARISSE  QUESADA
                        775        EVASCO, MARY LLOYD  BALABA
                        776        EXMUNDO, SHERWIN ANGELO  CACOT
                        777        FABIA, MARIA PRECIOUS NIÑA  GARCIA
                        778        FABIALA, JENNIFER  ABEJUELA
                        779        FABILA, KATRINA JOY  MANERE
                        780        FABON, APRIL JOAN  BELLO
                        781        FABRIGAS, HAZZEL  COSTALES
                        782        FABROS, GLYN  AGUSTIN
                        783        FAIGMANE, RIBBON NINA MARSIA  DIJAMCO
                        784        FAJUTAGANA, EDELWIN  TABORETE
                        785        FAJUTAGANA, MA ALPHA  INOVERO
                        786        FALCUTILA, REILOUS  
                        787        FAMATIGAN, LORNA  FETALVERO
                        788        FAMPULME, MICHELLE  DIMAANDAL
                        789        FARAON, RECHELLE  MORALES
                        790        FARIÑAS, SHEENA  AMLOG
                        791        FARNACIO, ELIZABETH  ALFONSO
                        792        FEGARIDO, MARY GRACE  NIERE
                        793        FELISMINO, ADRIAN  TOLEDANA
                        794        FERNANDEZ, DENNIS  IGNACIO
                        795        FERNANDEZ, ERICSON  ERCILLA
                        796        FERNANDEZ, REGGIE  GILLEDO
                        797        FERNANDEZ, REINHART  SUPNET
                        798        FERNANDEZ, YOFE  EGOS
                        799        FERRER, EMILY  ALCARAZ
                        800        FERRER, KATHERINE  GONZALES  
                        801        FESALBON, WILHELM  FABITO
                        802        FETILO, AL JOHN  FAJUTAGANA
                        803        FIESTA, RIZCON  BUENAOBRA
                        804        FIRMANTE, SETH  SARMIENTO
                        805        FLORA, JAMES KEITH  TUMARONG
                        806        FLORDELIZ, REGIE  EVANGELISTA
                        807        FLORENDO, CLARENCE  BORELA
                        808        FLORES, ANTHONY JR  LIM
                        809        FLORES, DEFENNY  ARANAS
                        810        FLORES, DENISE GAIL  VILLAS
                        811        FLORES, ELCEL-LYN  CASTILLO
                        812        FLORES, KERVEN  GO
                        813        FLORES, LIEZL  MORALES
                        814        FLORES, MARK ANTHONY  TRINIDAD
                        815        FLORES, REA JANE  ALTOVEROS
                        816        FORTES, MELANIE  ESCOTA
                        817        FORTEZA, TONI ROSE  PLAGANAS
                        818        FORTU, ANDREW  MEJICO
                        819        FRANCIA, MICHELLE  DEPALAC
                        820        FRANCISCO, KIMBERLYN  NAVAL
                        821        FRANCISCO, MARIEL  ESPADERO
                        822        FRANCISCO, MARK JOSEPH  CLEOPE
                        823        FRANCISCO, MARY MAE  NEPOMUCENO
                        824        FRANCISCO, NOELLE ANGELICA  SANTOS
                        825        FUENTES, JEROLD  ROBLES
                        826        GAA, JOLIUZ JOSEPH  CARIAGA
                        827        GABANES, LIZEL  SANTOS
                        828        GABOL, JULIE  AGAPITO
                        829        GABRIEL, CHASTINE MAE  FERNANDO
                        830        GABUAT, BASHIA PETTIT  VARGAS
                        831        GABUNILAS, JO-AN  GABALES
                        832        GACUYA, SHEILA  ALMONTE
                        833        GAGO, MARK CHRISTOPHER  DE VERA
                        834        GAL, CHRISTINE JOY  TALADTAD
                        835        GALANG, DENCILYN MAY  CASTRO
                        836        GALANG, GEE MARIE  GATUZ
                        837        GALANG, JOY LIANE  JUMALON
                        838        GALAY, JAHRA  SEVIDAL
                        839        GALE, GI-U  ANGEL
                        840        GALECIO, IRIS JOYCE  LEGADOS
                        841        GALENO, FELMER  RELLESIVA
                        842        GALENZOGA, ADRIAN CARLO  DISPO
                        843        GALENZOGA, JEZRELLE  PONCE
                        844        GALINDO, JAY PAOLO  FELIPE
                        845        GALLANO, CZARINA  PEDROZO
                        846        GALLEGA, MICHELLE  SALUDARIO
                        847        GALORPORT, MARDIE  TUMALA
                        848        GALVEZ, BERNARDO II  DINAUANAO
                        849        GAMARO, RENZ MARTY  MEDINA
                        850        GAMBOA, EDUARDO JR  LUZANO  
                        851        GAMBOA, JOHN PAUL  GANTALA
                        852        GAMBOA, MADELINE GRACE  RIVERA
                        853        GAMMAD, GERVACIO JR  PANAO
                        854        GAMOS, ARA LOIDA  ANABE
                        855        GANDEZA, JESSICA JEAN  GALOSO
                        856        GANELA, RICHARD JONAHS  CABEZA
                        857        GAPA, ROJAEN  VICARIO
                        858        GARCIA, ALEX JR  CAYABYAB
                        859        GARCIA, EMMANUEL  MARAAN
                        860        GARCIA, GRACE  TIOLO
                        861        GARCIA, JOMAR  MANGAHAS
                        862        GARCIA, KARMELA CASANDRA  CARRILLO
                        863        GARCIA, LYKA  MANABAT
                        864        GARCIA, MARIA ANNJANETTE  LACSON
                        865        GARCIA, MILLAROSE  VARGAS
                        866        GARCIA, RUBY ANA  CARDOZA
                        867        GARCIA, SHIRLEY  DOCTOLERO
                        868        GARGAR, MARY ANN  ANDRADE
                        869        GARVIDA, FATIMA MAE  MILO
                        870        GATO, CATHERINE  ALINSUB
                        871        GATON, MARIZA  EBALDE
                        872        GATPANDAN, ROBELYN  SANTOS
                        873        GATUS, MICHELLE  LOPEZ
                        874        GAUGANO, ROMEL  GALLETO
                        875        GAVARAN, JENNIE FE  TEODOSIO
                        876        GAWARAN, ABBEY CHARLES  FABIAN
                        877        GAÑALONGO, LEA  PAGUIRIGAN
                        878        GENDRANO, CHARISSE  GUEVARRA
                        879        GENIO, KRISSHIA  DIOKNO
                        880        GENODEPA, FLOR DE LIZ  DUMARAOG
                        881        GENUINO, BRYAN  PINEDA
                        882        GERONA, RODOM JEEL  SANCHEZ
                        883        GERONDIO, ROLDAN  LABNOTIN
                        884        GERONIMO, MARIA LORRAINE  FRANCISCO
                        885        GETUABAN, MARILYN MAY  PEDRANO
                        886        GIANAN, MARIA VANESSA  DOCIL
                        887        GICAN, CATHERINE  CIUBAL
                        888        GIL, JESSICA RINA  LELIS
                        889        GIMARINO, JOHN ARNEL  ALIPAR
                        890        GIME, REYNOLD JOHN  FRANCO
                        891        GIMENEZ, SHANIE NIÑA  DE GUZMAN
                        892        GINGOSA, CHARLETTE  RAFAL
                        893        GIRON, RUTH  PAYOT
                        894        GISON, RAZEL  VASQUEZ
                        895        GO, JUAN PAULO  TUMPAG
                        896        GO, SHEARILYNN  LIM
                        897        GOGO, LABRIJUNAFE  LABANON
                        898        GOLDING, EMRON MAE  PROTACIO
                        899        GOMEZ, HANNAH MARIE  LOPEZ
                        900        GOMEZ, JANUARY ANNE  DIAÑO  
                        901        GOMEZ, VICENTE MARTIN  LOPEZ
                        902        GOMO, JUVER  LAZAGA
                        903        GONDE, CAROL  LIPAO
                        904        GONOCRUZ, KARLA GUIA  PUA
                        905        GONZALES, JINKY  AQUINO
                        906        GONZALES, LARA NICOLE  TRINIDAD
                        907        GONZAME, JADIELYN  NABOS
                        908        GOTE, INSIRAH  PINTO
                        909        GOZUM, ABEGAIL CLYTIE  AQUINO
                        910        GRAN, SHIELA MARIE  BRASULA
                        911        GRANDEZA, LEIGH-ANN  BOLIVAR
                        912        GRAVADOR, CRISTINA  ORIGEN
                        913        GREGORIO, JAMAICA ANA  MACOPIA
                        914        GRIMALDO, CHRISTIAN  DIAZ
                        915        GRISOLA, JITKA TISHA  CABALLES
                        916        GRUSPE, ROWELL  CO
                        917        GUANCO, ROSE ANN  ARMADA
                        918        GUAZON, DONNALYN  DELMO
                        919        GUAZON, RICHEAL  MONREAL
                        920        GUERRERO, MARK JOSEPH  DEL ROSARIO
                        921        GUEVARRA, FRANCIS  DIZON
                        922        GUEVARRA, PHILIP NORBERT  JOSE
                        923        GUEVARRA, ZEPHYR AMETHYST  TABABA
                        924        GUIEB, JENNY LYNNE  RAMOS
                        925        GUILLEN, JIENNHY  BERGANIO
                        926        GUIMBUNGAN, LABERYNTH  BINWAG
                        927        GUINTU, JOSEPH IAN  PAGSANJAN
                        928        GUIWO, JACINTO JR  VALLES
                        929        GUMAFELIX, FLOR  GOJO CRUZ
                        930        GUMAYAN, KRISCHILLE MAE  TORREGOSA
                        931        GUNDA, RIZALYN  VILLALUNA
                        932        GUTIERREZ, JOANNE  MAGPALE
                        933        GUTIERREZ, KRISSA KAMILLE  CAWILE
                        934        GUTIERREZ, MICHAEL  RANAS
                        935        GUZMAN, ROMNICK RAYMOND  FERRER
                        936        GUZON, MARIA KRISTIA  ANCHETA
                        937        HABANA, ROLAND KENNETH  VILLAREAL
                        938        HABBILING, LORELEI  ESPEJO
                        939        HADJI YUSOPH, AL-MYRA  DAGO
                        940        HAMOY, JACINTA ELIZABETH  MOLINA
                        941        HANAPE, WILLIE  SUAIB
                        942        HAPITA, JEHAN NORMA  CARILLO
                        943        HATID, EDZEL  ARCIS
                        944        HEBRON, MA ANGELICA JOYCE  DELMENDO
                        945        HERBIETO, JOAN  AGBAY
                        946        HERMANO, ROMMEL  FONTANOS
                        947        HERMOSA, JAIME JOSE  SISON
                        948        HERNANDEZ, DHONAVELLE  MERCADO
                        949        HERNANDEZ, MARIA ESMERALDA  ALVAREZ
                        950        HERNANDEZ, RAYMOND  DE LEON  
                        951        HERNANI, LEXLI  GACITA
                        952        HERRERA, APRIL  CRISTOBAL
                        953        HERRERA, JONATHAN EFRAIM  GARCIA
                        954        HERRERA, MADEL HYACINTH  HATAMOSA
                        955        HERRERO, HUMFREY  FRANCISCO
                        956        HEYRANA, NERISSA  ROSOS
                        957        HIDALGO, MARVIN  SALAZAR
                        958        HONCULADA, RON CARLO  IGNACIO
                        959        HONG, DOMINIQUE  ESLABON
                        960        HOSPITAL, JESTER  FERNANDO
                        961        HUELAR, JEH BRIAN  SOTILLO
                        962        HUFANA, KRYSTINNE  CASTILLO
                        963        IBAO, APPLE KAY  FERNANDEZ
                        964        IBARRA, CEASARIE KAE  BORJA
                        965        IBAY, MCGYVER  ABRAHAM
                        966        IBAÑEZ, RESTY  ACOSTA
                        967        IBURDA, ROSEMARY  ARGUEDO
                        968        ICARANOM, ANA LIZA  DIZON
                        969        IGNACIO, AURIOLE  
                        970        IGNACIO, JEONEL JUN  AUSTRIA
                        971        ILDEFONSO, FATIMA FAYE  GUINABAN
                        972        INACAY, MARIA CLARISSA  AQUINO
                        973        INDUCTIVO, DARLENE BLENDA  CAWAJA
                        974        INGEL, PETER ACE JOHN  GAPO
                        975        INTONG, JEANNE  MANAYON
                        976        IRLANDEZ, EVANGELINE  MACAREZA
                        977        ISMAEL, YUME  PALAD
                        978        ISON, NENITA  GALANG
                        979        JACUBA, KRISTINA MARIE  MAGHANOY
                        980        JAGUTIN, BILL GLENN  POLINAR
                        981        JALMANZAR, FRANCIS JOHN  SUAREZ
                        982        JAMINAL, ETHEL JOY  DEL MUNDO
                        983        JAURO, PAMELA GRACE  ESPINOSA
                        984        JAVATE, MA CRISTINA  PANGILINAN
                        985        JAVIER, ACE  PIEDAD
                        986        JAVIER, CHERRY JOY  DELOS SANTOS
                        987        JAVINES, JESSA  TEVES
                        988        JEBULAN, JOSEPH  FRANCISCO
                        989        JEPOLLO, JOHN STEVE  YRUMA
                        990        JIMENEZ, ANGELICA KRISTINE  VILLANUEVA
                        991        JIMENEZ, EMIL PAUL  UGADDAN
                        992        JIMENEZ, KRISTINE KATE  CABACCAN
                        993        JO, NIEL KYRO  DRACULAN
                        994        JOMOC, JHONATHAN  AMBAL
                        995        JOROLAN, NOEL  HAO
                        996        JOSE, JAMIE LOU  CRUZ
                        997        JOSE, NERIZ  AQUINO
                        998        JOSEF, RACHEL  CUTAMORA
                        999        JOSOL, GLEM  MAQUILING
                       1000        JOVE, DEXTER  PADUA  
                       1001        JOVELLANA, KARL JUSTIN  
                       1002        JUBAY, ELVIN RANDOLPH  RABIDA
                       1003        JUEVESA, ROEL  DALUMPINES
                       1004        JULIAN, JIBELYN  DE LEON
                       1005        JULIAN, WARREN MARK  OCAMPO
                       1006        JUMAMOY, JUVY  GELTURA
                       1007        JUNIO, JENELYN  GUASI
                       1008        KADALIM, JAY MARIE  MARTINEZ
                       1009        KASAN, SVEINSON  GAYAGAY
                       1010        KATIGBAK, DHENIELIZA  CUEVAS
                       1011        KIONG, JACQUELINE  TAN
                       1012        KIONISALA, KAYE VIENNA  ARCAYA
                       1013        KIWAS, DENVER  CATIAN
                       1014        KIYAWAN, MAY VENUS  BANTASAN
                       1015        KOIKE, AIRA  HERNANDEZ
                       1016        KOTAH, BENSON  PABIONA
                       1017        KUIZON, DONNADEL  POLESTICO
                       1018        LABAO, DEJOSE MAE  ALICAYA
                       1019        LABIS, LOVELLE  ALIGASEN
                       1020        LABRADOR, RAFAEL  GADACHO
                       1021        LACAYA, MIA HARLEM  ONGI
                       1022        LACBAY, CYRILL  LAYUG
                       1023        LACHICA, SANDRA  JAYOMA
                       1024        LACNO, JOEL  COMPRA
                       1025        LACSAMANA, SHERMAINE  CRUZ
                       1026        LACSON, DARREL  VELASCO
                       1027        LACSON, RUTH RACHEL  VILLARUEL
                       1028        LACWASAN, CHARLENE  KILAYON
                       1029        LADAO, MILDRED ANN  ENRIQUEZ
                       1030        LADEMORA, JANICE  PELARIO
                       1031        LADIET, SHEENA MARIE  ABALLE
                       1032        LADU-AN, FAUSTINO  BUASEN
                       1033        LAGABAN, MART  CASIM
                       1034        LAGAHIT, MICHELLE  AVENTURADO
                       1035        LAGERA, ELAIZA  JIMENEZ
                       1036        LAGMAN, BRIGITTE IVON  MANALO
                       1037        LAGMAN, FRITZEE KATE  SANTOS
                       1038        LAGOS, JOJO  CABANILLA
                       1039        LAGUNDI, APREL JOIE  PAGADUAN
                       1040        LAGUNDINO, GLENN  PALOMO
                       1041        LAGUNILLA, MICHAEL EDWARD  SINGSON
                       1042        LAGUNZAD, AIMEE  ALESNA
                       1043        LAGUNZAD, ANGELICA  ALESNA
                       1044        LALATA, CLAIRE  ECLEVIA
                       1045        LALAWE, JOAN  IS-ISA
                       1046        LALIC, JULIANNE BERNADETTE  MUSNI
                       1047        LALIS, KAREN EVE  TOLEDO
                       1048        LAMBINO, MA CECILIA EMILIA  AQUINO
                       1049        LAMPA, JENNYFER JOY  REGALA
                       1050        LANAWAN, AIZA  ALCANO  
                       1051        LANGBAY, GAY ANNE  NADNADEN
                       1052        LANGIT, AURELIO ANGELO  TANDOC
                       1053        LANOTE, CORAZON  PADON
                       1054        LANTICAN, DARLENE  VASQUEZ
                       1055        LANUZA, MARGIE  BASCONCILLO
                       1056        LAO, RICHARD  MOLO
                       1057        LAO, SHENAH  MONTON
                       1058        LARA, GLEN  TINOY
                       1059        LARANANG, FLORDELIZA  EZARBAL
                       1060        LARIOSA, CHRISTOPHER JOHN  MEDRANO
                       1061        LASTRILLA, SHALA  DOROJA
                       1062        LAT, JENNIFER  ONTE
                       1063        LAURE, JENSEN JOY  MERCADO
                       1064        LAUREANO, MADELYN  JACINTO
                       1065        LAUREL, JOSEPHINE MARIE  YECLA
                       1066        LAURELES, CALVIN  FLORES
                       1067        LAURENTE, CHRISTINE CHELO  CINCO
                       1068        LAURON, CARMELA MARIE  TAN
                       1069        LAVILLA, CHARISSA MAE  DONCILLO
                       1070        LAXA, BLANCHIE LOURDES  DAMAYO
                       1071        LAXAMANA, MELVIRA  SANTOS
                       1072        LAYAN, JESSIE JAY  DEOCADES
                       1073        LAYSON, MICHAEL  YRIGAN
                       1074        LEAÑO, ANCHELLE  LUNA
                       1075        LEAÑO, CHRISED  ARANZO
                       1076        LEAÑO, MA FLORDELIZA  SINGSON
                       1077        LEE, DINO BERNARDO  CHUABIO
                       1078        LEE, MIA CELICA  DE LARA
                       1079        LELIS, MELIZA  PARAN
                       1080        LENOA, GLOMARIZ  DUMANACAL
                       1081        LEONES, DEXTER  ANGA-ANGAN
                       1082        LEONIN, NESTOR  IGNACIO
                       1083        LEONOR, FERMIN III  ESPINOSA
                       1084        LEVERIZA, DENNIS JR  ENVERGA
                       1085        LIBANG, JULIET  UMALI
                       1086        LIBERTAD, NONILO JR  VELASCO
                       1087        LIBREA, WYLEN  REDULA
                       1088        LIBUNAO, REYNALYN  BALUYUT
                       1089        LICHAUCO, CHERRY  CERVANTES
                       1090        LIM, CINDYLENE  TAN
                       1091        LIM, JENINE CAMILLE  VILLAMOR
                       1092        LIM, JOHN PHILIP  MAULEON
                       1093        LIM, LUCILLE  DE PAZ
                       1094        LIM, SARAH JANE  GRAPANI
                       1095        LIMASAC, THERESE  SABA
                       1096        LIMBAGA, RIA MAE  TORREGOSA
                       1097        LIMOG, GHALE  LENGWA
                       1098        LIMOS, CHERRY BEE  BONILLA
                       1099        LIMOSNERO, CAROLYN BIEN  DEGORIO
                       1100        LINA, MARNIE MAY  MELGAZO  
                       1101        LINCHANGCO, MARK ANTHONY  PEPITO
                       1102        LINGUETE, JULITZ  AQUINO
                       1103        LIRA, ALAIN MARCELLIUS  SEBASTIAN
                       1104        LIRIO, JOHN EDWARD  TARRAY
                       1105        LISTANA, JHOANNA ARCEL  HERNANDEZ
                       1106        LIWANAGAN, JEREMIE ISIAH  JACINTO
                       1107        LIZARDO, JOAN  GARCIA
                       1108        LLABORE, MARY ROSE  PIADO
                       1109        LLANTO, BRENDON  TANWANGCO
                       1110        LLARENA, LUIS III  YADAO
                       1111        LLAUSAS, CRYSTAL DAWN  VALDON
                       1112        LOMENTIGAR, NICOLE ANNE  CALAMAY
                       1113        LONTOC, PRISCO  BERSABE
                       1114        LONTOK, LOUIE  MAILUM
                       1115        LOPEZ, JASON  HINOJALES
                       1116        LOPEZ, JENNIFER  TUMULAK
                       1117        LOPEZ, MELODEE  REQUIZO
                       1118        LOPEZ, RAMIL  TANDOY
                       1119        LOPEZ, REYGIE  PARADO
                       1120        LOPEZ, WILBERT  ALGAR
                       1121        LOPLOP, JONATHAN  TOLEDO
                       1122        LOQUIAS, ASH CATHIE  GUIMBALEÑA
                       1123        LORENTON, CESAR  SERANTES
                       1124        LORENZO, JIANINA CHARMAINE  POLENDEY
                       1125        LORICO, MARY JOY  BAROT
                       1126        LOTT, JHONREY  ESPINOLA
                       1127        LOZA, MONT KRIZEL  GASPAR
                       1128        LOZANO, KATRINA  STA MARIA
                       1129        LU, KATHRINE  CHIN
                       1130        LUKBAN, EVA JOY  RARO
                       1131        LUMAGDONG, KARMINA  
                       1132        LUMIBAO, JEREMY  SANCHEZ
                       1133        LUMINGKIT, MARY KRIS  CEBALLOS
                       1134        LUNA, MANILYN  OBISPO
                       1135        LURA, KRISTHIAN JOHN  NIEZ
                       1136        LUSPO, JENNIFER  JUDILLA
                       1137        MAAT, DAVID NOEL  LUPENA
                       1138        MABALA, NOEL  GONZALES
                       1139        MABASA, MELODY THERESE  TUMAMBING
                       1140        MACA, ROHANISA  DIPATUAN
                       1141        MACA-ANGGA, ENJELLA  GUILING
                       1142        MACABANDO, ABDULRAFI  MACABALANG
                       1143        MACABIOG, RALPH ALLEN  NIEVERA
                       1144        MACANDOG, AIMEE ROSE  DIHIANSAN
                       1145        MACAPULAY, CRISSELLE JOY  DUMALIANG
                       1146        MACARAEG, JEFRE  RUEDA
                       1147        MACARAIG, ALDRIN  IBAÑEZ
                       1148        MACASAET, RUBY ANA  INCIONG
                       1149        MACHADO, NINA THERESA  ALVAREZ
                       1150        MACKNO, JOWAIDA  MIKUNUG  
                       1151        MADARCOS, MARICRES  TEODOSIO
                       1152        MADAYAG, FLER  LUMOT
                       1153        MADDAWIN, LALAINE  SAQUING
                       1154        MADRIAGA, VENWILYN ANNE  TEJADA
                       1155        MADRID, KRISTINE JOY  CARAG
                       1156        MAGALONG, MAYELLA  SANDOY
                       1157        MAGANTE, JAISIREE ANN  PEREZ
                       1158        MAGARO, MAVELETTE CHERISH  TURRECHA
                       1159        MAGBANUA, RENSIS DEO  PILLADO
                       1160        MAGDATO, JOY LYN  TORDESILLAS
                       1161        MAGGAY, ALISON  LAPPAY
                       1162        MAGINCOL, EARL MARIE  KE-E
                       1163        MAGNAYE, SHERYLL ANNE  CASTILLO
                       1164        MAGSUMBOL, KATHLEEN CAROL  BROSOTO
                       1165        MAHILOM, KEITH RICHARD  HILARIO
                       1166        MAHILUM, ANA ROSE  HITA-AS
                       1167        MAINIT, JOVITO I  SARSALE
                       1168        MAKILING, JIMSON  SENTE
                       1169        MALACAD, LEAH  SOMEJO
                       1170        MALANA, JANE  CUNTAPAY
                       1171        MALANG, ALMIEN  DAUD
                       1172        MALAZARTE, KHRISTINE JILL  BALBUENA
                       1173        MALDO, ERVIN  VANZUELA
                       1174        MALIGO, LHEAN  VILLALOBOS
                       1175        MALIÑANA, MIRASOL  MERCADO
                       1176        MALLARI, BERNARDO  DELA PEÑA
                       1177        MALLARI, MENCHU  LANDICHO
                       1178        MALLARI, RUIZA LOREN  STA MONICA
                       1179        MALUBAG, RUVIL  COPINO
                       1180        MALUBAY, MARIA CATHRINA  BANAYAD
                       1181        MALUCAY, CLIVER CRITZ  COBALDEZ
                       1182        MANAHAN, RAZEL LIAN  NATIVIDAD
                       1183        MANALANG, IRENE  DIONISIO
                       1184        MANALANG, JOANNA MARIE  SANTOS
                       1185        MANALASTAS, MARINEL  VILLACORTA
                       1186        MANALASTAS, ZARAH  ZAMORA
                       1187        MANALESE, RAYMOND  MACALINAO
                       1188        MANALO, BENNIDICT  VILLANUEVA
                       1189        MANALO, IRISH GLENN  DELOSTRICO
                       1190        MANALO, JULIE  YLAGAN
                       1191        MANALO, MATT ALLEN  BONIFACIO
                       1192        MANAOG, ALYSSA KIRSTIN  MIRAFLOR
                       1193        MANAOIS, SHIENAMI  SOMINTAC
                       1194        MANAPAT, DIANE DAPHNE  CATIMBANG
                       1195        MANAYAM, JEFFREY  QUIJANO
                       1196        MANCILLA, STEPHANIE  BACONGALLO
                       1197        MANDI, CHRISTIAN EMMANUEL  LICHADORES
                       1198        MANEJA, ROBELLE ANNE  LAMPIOS
                       1199        MANGAHAS, JULIE ANN  RAAGAS
                       1200        MANGALILI, MARIONE ISABELA  VALINO  
                       1201        MANGUBAT, MARNELLI  DASIG
                       1202        MANIAGO, DEMI DALE  PEREZ
                       1203        MANINGO, CARLA THERESE  DIMATAWARAN
                       1204        MANLAPIG, ALEXANDER JR  EDRA
                       1205        MANLICLIC, AVONEER  SACRAMENTO
                       1206        MANLIGOY, MARY JUDITH  TOROBA
                       1207        MANTUA, IREMAR  BACTOL
                       1208        MANTUANO, DONNA GRACIA  PAGCALIWAGAN
                       1209        MANUEL, ANDREA  MARCELINO
                       1210        MANUEL, ANITA  OCAMPO
                       1211        MANUEL, JOANNE LESLIE  SANCHEZ
                       1212        MANUKAY, RENOIR  
                       1213        MANZANO, SHUNSHINE  GREGORIO
                       1214        MAQUIDANG, MAYLANIE  BONDOC
                       1215        MAQUIRAN, MARK ROPER  CERVANTES
                       1216        MARAGGUN, RIZA  SAQUING
                       1217        MARANAN, KRISTEE JANE  FULGENCIO
                       1218        MARANDE, JOHNREY  VILLACERAN
                       1219        MARAPAO, RANIELA JULY  SEMBLANTE
                       1220        MARASIGAN, MARGIE  MALABANAN
                       1221        MARASIGAN, ROWELL  CANDA
                       1222        MARAYA, MELVIN  YANUARIO
                       1223        MARFE, JOAN STEFANIE  CAJES
                       1224        MARIANO, ANNE MARIN  BATALLA
                       1225        MARIANO, DINA  AGUSTIN
                       1226        MARIANO, JAY  MABUTI
                       1227        MARIANO, KATHRINA FAYE  MAGALLANES
                       1228        MARILAG, MICHAEL JHAMES  JACABAN
                       1229        MARINO, PAUL JOHN  LAGRIMAS
                       1230        MARQUEZ, BLADIMER  AUMENTADO
                       1231        MARQUEZ, KATHLYN  CASANOVA
                       1232        MARTIN, LESLY ANN  TICSAY
                       1233        MARTINEZ, ALLYANA MARIA  TALABUCON
                       1234        MARTINEZ, EM  BUSAING
                       1235        MARTINEZ, ETHEL  PEREZ
                       1236        MARTINEZ, GARRY  LINDOG
                       1237        MASAGCA, LIONELL  TAPEL
                       1238        MASAKAYAN, GILBERT  DESALIT
                       1239        MASICAT, JEMMELA ANNE  VEGA
                       1240        MATA, REYNANTE  JUANITE
                       1241        MATEO, KRISTINE JOYCE  CORGADO
                       1242        MATIAS, BLAS JORDAN  TOMAS
                       1243        MATIBAG, ARLENE  LUBRICA
                       1244        MATILLANO, BRIAN  FELIX
                       1245        MAULA, DAVE RYNDEL  ESPLANADA
                       1246        MAULA, RUBY JANE  LAURENTE
                       1247        MAYLEM, DONNABEE KATHRYN  SALUNDAY
                       1248        MAÑALAC, JERICO  VELASQUEZ
                       1249        MEDALLA, MICHAEL ANGELO  DE GUZMAN
                       1250        MEDENILLA, YVETH MARIZ  ROTONI  
                       1251        MEDIAVILLO, CHARISSE  NOLASCO
                       1252        MEDRANO, JULIUS DOMINIC  BERNABE
                       1253        MEJES, SHIELA MARIE  DEL ROSARIO
                       1254        MEJIA, LIEZEL  BRIONES
                       1255        MEJIA, MELIZA  AGUSTIN
                       1256        MELENDEZ, ELSA  SALVADOR
                       1257        MENDOZA, DAPHNE DIANNE  DELIM
                       1258        MENDOZA, DEC JHON  PLEÑOS
                       1259        MENDOZA, MARICRIS  LLORENTE
                       1260        MENDOZA, MELISSA  DE GUZMAN
                       1261        MENESES, DANIEL ANTONIO  TUPAZ
                       1262        MENOR, RUSSEL JADE  CEDRO
                       1263        MERCADO, CORIE  DE GUZMAN
                       1264        MERCADO, JOSE RAPHAEL  CARIÑO
                       1265        MERCADO, MA MILDRED  MARTIN
                       1266        MERCADO, MARILOU  PARMISANA
                       1267        MERLE, KRISTINE JOYCE  LAURELES
                       1268        MESIONA, ALLAN FRITZ  RACHO
                       1269        METAL, DARLING ANGEL  TUYAN
                       1270        MICU, JUNALIZA  OCAL
                       1271        MIGUEL, MARK ANTHONY  ABRERA
                       1272        MILABAO, ERROL BRYAN  SINON
                       1273        MILLETE, JANELYNN  GUAZON
                       1274        MILLOROSO, RHIA MAE  MANSAYON
                       1275        MINA, DIANNE  RAMOS
                       1276        MINDOG, EMILY JANE  BAYOCBOC
                       1277        MIRA-ATO, NORODEN  JUBAY
                       1278        MIRAL, HAROLD JHAY  JUNIO
                       1279        MIRANDA, MARIA EUGENIA  CELMAR
                       1280        MISTA, GLAIZA  LACANDULA
                       1281        MOJADO, RONALD  DIMACULANGAN
                       1282        MOJICA, WINTONETTE ANGELICA  SALGA
                       1283        MOLANO, MARILOU  CASACLANG
                       1284        MOLINA, CHRISVI  SILVANO
                       1285        MOLINA, JOANA LEXAN  PERGES
                       1286        MOLINA, LOUIELLA  MEDES
                       1287        MONCAYO, MELISSA  BOTAVARA
                       1288        MONISIT, ROSITA  
                       1289        MONSALES, RALPH EARVIN  MATUOD
                       1290        MONTECILLO, RETHCHE  GARRIDO
                       1291        MONTOJO, IAN  GULO
                       1292        MORALDE, IVY ROSE  FRANCO
                       1293        MORALES, CHRISTIAN WILFRED  DAGUIO
                       1294        MORALES, MYRNA  MARCIAL
                       1295        MORALLAS, RANDY  GALLO
                       1296        MORAN, GEORJETTE EMINE  LIM
                       1297        MORIA, AMOS LESTER  LARANJO
                       1298        MOSCOSA, RONALDO  BESARRA
                       1299        MOWA, SITTIE AISA  MANGOTENTER
                       1300        MUEGA, MARILOU  QUEBRADO  
                       1301        MUNCAY, ANDREW JAMES  GALLENTES
                       1302        MUSNGI, JOEL  FAUSTO
                       1303        MUYARGAS, MA YVETTE  VILLAFANIA
                       1304        MUYUELA, SOLOMON IAN  PAYONGAYONG
                       1305        NABLE, PATRICIA ANGELINE  ESPINELI
                       1306        NABLEA, JANICE MAE  CUADRA
                       1307        NACANA, EDNELYN  DOLOJAN
                       1308        NADIAHAN, JULIVA  BATTIW
                       1309        NADIAHAN, ROSELYN  DUMAO
                       1310        NANIP, PRIME-ROSE  GATUZ
                       1311        NAPOLES, EARL CHRISTIAN  GOMEZ
                       1312        NAPOLES, JOANA MARIE  AURE
                       1313        NATAVIO, MARY ROSE  PARAGAS
                       1314        NATIBO-OC, RENELYN  TAMBO-ONG
                       1315        NATINGA, JARED PAUL  SABANDEJA
                       1316        NATIVIDAD, DELRIA  DELOS SANTOS
                       1317        NATIVIDAD, KATHLEEN FAYE  DE GUZMAN
                       1318        NAVAL, MAYBEL  ACLAN
                       1319        NAVAL, REYCEL  LEGASPI
                       1320        NAVARRO, PAUL JOSEPH  GARCIA
                       1321        NAÑEZ, MARY JOY  AGUILAR
                       1322        NEGADO, LYNDON REY  TOLOSA
                       1323        NEMENZO, CHARLITO  MEJIA
                       1324        NEPOMUCENO, ALBERT  FERNANDO
                       1325        NEPOMUCENO, MIRTH  PARREÑO
                       1326        NERI, ROWEENA JANE  ANDRES
                       1327        NERO, FRANCO  ENCISO
                       1328        NEROSA, ARCEL  EVANGELISTA
                       1329        NERPIO, SAHARA MAY  ACLAN
                       1330        NICOLAS, CARLO ANGELO  CANCIO
                       1331        NIEVARES, ELVIS  CAWAYAN
                       1332        NIPALES, CLOYD HECTOR  FORONES
                       1333        NISPEROS, CLEA DIAMELLA  SALANGA
                       1334        NOLASCO, AILENE  ESTUESTA
                       1335        NOTARION, MEVELL JOY  URSONAL
                       1336        NOYA, CARLA FE  CABAHUG
                       1337        NOYNAY, JOVEN  SOLAYAO
                       1338        NUQUI, BONVIN  GO
                       1339        NUSKA, NUR-NASEEFA  MAGAYOONG
                       1340        OBAR, MEGGAN  FLORES
                       1341        OBAYAN, EDNA  FRAGA
                       1342        OBEN, BAYBEE JEANNE  OCON
                       1343        OBIAS, ALIANDRA  GARCIA
                       1344        OBNGAYAN, RODERICK  QUIBAN
                       1345        OCAMPO, CLARISSA  ABRIGO
                       1346        OCDAMIA, BERNADETH  ESPILIMBERGO
                       1347        OCLARIT, JOCKEY JUNE  ESTRELLADA
                       1348        OCON, JOSEPH  TABIGUE
                       1349        OCUBILLO, JAN CARLSON  BERNARDO
                       1350        OFIELDA, YVONNE ROCHELLE  PRADO  
                       1351        OGALINOLA, RIALYN  ICO CRUZ
                       1352        OGBAC, JENNIFER ANNE  CRUZ
                       1353        OGSILA, RICHELLE  SURALTA
                       1354        OIDA, OLIVER  LUMANLAN
                       1355        OJEDA, CHRISTIE ANNE  TEODORO
                       1356        OKIT, MICHAEL RIAN  GABIA
                       1357        OLARTE, ALFIE  MIRANDA
                       1358        OLEGARIO, RONNEL  PULGAR
                       1359        OLI, ELVIRA  MAMAUAG
                       1360        OLIS, MARY CARMILLE  VILLARUZ
                       1361        OMAMALIN, JEAN  BUSCAGAN
                       1362        OMNES, DENNIS  BAYARONG
                       1363        ONG, JAMES  LIM
                       1364        ONG, JASON  KING
                       1365        ONG, LEWY RAJIBAL  DIASANTA
                       1366        ONG, NARSHESO  CABAYES
                       1367        ORANGA, JUDELYN  EMPIL
                       1368        ORANTES, ANNABEL  RAPIZ
                       1369        ORDAN, JESTONI  HITOSIS
                       1370        ORDOÑEZ, JENNIFER  SARSADILLA
                       1371        ORDOÑO, KIMBERLY JOY  DE VERA
                       1372        ORIAS, PATRICK JUBERT  BASCOS
                       1373        ORIAS, RICHELL  PATULOT
                       1374        ORIOLA, MARK JOHN  DE BORJA
                       1375        ORQUIA, B  CRUZ
                       1376        ORTEGA, MYRNA LYNN THERESA  ONDO
                       1377        ORTIL, DOLLY  AZORES
                       1378        ORZALES, LEO MARVIN  CORTES
                       1379        OTICAL, SAMSIA  PADUA
                       1380        OTIDA, JOVI MORA  MELO
                       1381        OTIONG, VANESSA  CLEOFAS
                       1382        PABILONA, ANALIZA  OROGO
                       1383        PABILONA, JONI CARMEL  RAMIREZ
                       1384        PABLO, ABIGAIL  ABLAZA
                       1385        PABLO, JERLY  VILLAMOR
                       1386        PABON, BETTY ROSE  ROJAS
                       1387        PABRIGA, ROSEMARIE  PARONDA
                       1388        PACHICA, GLADYS  HIDALGO
                       1389        PACLAUNA, JENIFER  REOBAL
                       1390        PACO, JOJELYN  TOQUERO
                       1391        PACO, LEAH  PASUIT
                       1392        PADDAYUMAN, JUVIE  VILLAFUERTE
                       1393        PADER, LAURICE  MACAPUGAS
                       1394        PADILLA, BIENALYN  ATENTA
                       1395        PADILLA, JANICE  CALDITO
                       1396        PAGADUAN, JOAN  CAYANAN
                       1397        PAGADUAN, MARIBEL  CALAYAG
                       1398        PAGAO, MARYJANE  BALON
                       1399        PAGARIGAN, PAULINE JESSICA  BAGAYBAGAYAN
                       1400        PAGAYUNAN, SHELMARK  APOLINARIO  
                       1401        PAGUIA, MARIA RICA  TALILI
                       1402        PAGUINTO, MERLISA JOYCE  PARALLAG
                       1403        PAGUIRIGAN, HERALD  VEHEMENTE
                       1404        PAGULAYAN, LILIA  URRUTIA
                       1405        PAGULAYAN, MARIETA  ABELLERA
                       1406        PAHILAGAO, CHARRY ROSE  OMAGAP
                       1407        PAJARO, DARELL JAYSON  CAYAPOS
                       1408        PALARCA, MARILOU  SINO CRUZ
                       1409        PALAYPAYON, JOHN PAUL  MIRAÑA
                       1410        PALISA, CRISTINA  GUMABAO
                       1411        PALMA, MHARLY  WONG
                       1412        PALMES, JEELYN  TUQUIB
                       1413        PALMES, KAREM  ARANDIA
                       1414        PALO, ALVIN JUN  AUSTRIA
                       1415        PALOMAR, ROANNE  JAVIER
                       1416        PALOMARIA, ARIANE ROSE  LIGANAD
                       1417        PALOTES, RENIEL  DEFERIA
                       1418        PAMANDANAN, CARYL JANE  BACACAO
                       1419        PAMITTAN, ANTHONY  VASQUEZ
                       1420        PANDAPATAN, NORHANNAH  BARA
                       1421        PANEDA, LADY  MANGALUS
                       1422        PANEDA, RHIANNE  SORIANO
                       1423        PANESARES, CARLO  DURAN
                       1424        PANGILINAN, JON JON  DE GUZMAN
                       1425        PANIZAL, KRISTEL MAE  LARANG
                       1426        PANLAQUE, ELAINE MAE  VITO
                       1427        PANONG, ABIGAIL  PEREZ
                       1428        PANTA, RICO  PAUS
                       1429        PANTINOPLE, RICHELLE JEAN  MONICIT
                       1430        PAPA, RQYN  ACOSTA
                       1431        PAPAS, NICO  PANTINOPLE
                       1432        PARADERO, PRECIOUS ANN  MAMPO
                       1433        PARADO, EDCEL MAR  TAVARES
                       1434        PARAGAS, FERNANDO  VILLANUEVA
                       1435        PARAGAS, RIOLANE  VIRAY
                       1436        PARAISO, NOWELLA RITZI  NARZABAL
                       1437        PARAMI, KAREN JANE  JIMOYA
                       1438        PARAÑAL, MELANIE JOY  NALULA
                       1439        PARDUCHO, NOREEN  RIPARIP
                       1440        PARE, EMMELINE  CABEL
                       1441        PAROHINOG, LEA PAMELA  DOMAGAS
                       1442        PASAWEN, JOY  MAYAT-AN
                       1443        PASCO, ELAINE JOYCE  HORACIO
                       1444        PASCUA, CLEO JANE  BATE
                       1445        PASCUA, KARINA CECILIA  REVANO
                       1446        PASCUA, MA CLAIRE  LAPPAO
                       1447        PASCUAL, FLORENCE  MEREMILLA
                       1448        PASCUAL, HECTOR  CRISTOBAL
                       1449        PASIA, MARY ANN  GONZAGA
                       1450        PASION, SIRIPORN  MENDOZA  
                       1451        PASION, WILHELMINA  DEMIAO
                       1452        PASIONA, KRISTINE JOY  REMOTO
                       1453        PASIONA, PAULO MARTIN  VERGARA
                       1454        PATIÑO, RONALD  MONTERDE
                       1455        PATRICIO, REGINA  BAGAY
                       1456        PATUNGAN, PAULA BIANCA  FERRER
                       1457        PAUSAL, JESSA  OBORDO
                       1458        PAY-OEN, PEBELIN  WALDO
                       1459        PAYAPAG, JAYSON  RIVERO
                       1460        PAYOMO, KAREN  CALUYA
                       1461        PAÑARES, SHEILA MAE  SINADJAN
                       1462        PECAOCO, GERALDINE  ESPINA
                       1463        PECAOCO, RALPH RODGEN  CARATAO
                       1464        PEDARSE, PATRICK IAN  FERNANDEZ
                       1465        PEDRO, ROMMEL  NAVARRA
                       1466        PEDROSO, MARK ANTHONY  ESTOCADO
                       1467        PELAEZ, CAROL  YAP
                       1468        PELAEZ, CHESTER BRYAN  PEPITO
                       1469        PELAYO, ROSSENEE  DE PEDRO
                       1470        PELEMA, MARIA CHRISTINA  CLAVERIA
                       1471        PELEN, CLAIRE ROSELYN  BALUCAN
                       1472        PEPITO, JEANNELYN  BAÑEZ
                       1473        PEQUIT, BERLIN BIANCA  MERCADO
                       1474        PERALTA, ALFRED  PALAGANAS
                       1475        PERALTA, LESLY  BALLESTEROS
                       1476        PERDIDO, AUREA MARL  MASULI
                       1477        PEREDO, ANGELICA  NOPUENTE
                       1478        PEREZ, ANA MAE  CAWALING
                       1479        PEREZ, ETHEL JAYNE  OPINION
                       1480        PEREZ, PAULINA DIORELLA  SHEA
                       1481        PEREZ, RACHEL LYNN  EUSEBIO
                       1482        PEREZ, REGIDOR  JONAS
                       1483        PEREZ, SAMANTHA MELYSSA  MANTILLA
                       1484        PERONCE, JULIE ANN  MASANGKAY
                       1485        PESADO, JOHN DALE  AGBAYANI
                       1486        PESCASIOSA, RAINJAN ABRIL  BRIONES
                       1487        PESPES, RACHEL  DANGKIW
                       1488        PESTAÑO, ROBIE  ILLUT
                       1489        PETEROS, LIEZEL ANNE  VILLONES
                       1490        PEÑA, MARY ANN MONIC  MANUSIG
                       1491        PEÑARANDA, KYRAH MEI  SANGALANG
                       1492        PIALDA, MARY JOY  DEMERIN
                       1493        PIC-IT, CHRISTIAN  BAS-IL
                       1494        PIGUERRA, KIMBERLY  BRAZA
                       1495        PILAR, JERALYN LAI  CATAPUSAN
                       1496        PINEDA, HONEYLYN  MAQUINICA
                       1497        PINTO, JOVELYN  AFRICANO
                       1498        PIQUERO, RONALD  VILLARUBEN
                       1499        PITOGO, JINBOY  AUGUIS
                       1500        PIÑOL, FLORDELIZA  REYES  
                       1501        PLACINO, MYKA ANGELA  MADRID
                       1502        PLANAS, JEFF MARK  ROYO
                       1503        PLATA, PRINCESS ANN  EVANGELISTA
                       1504        PLAZA, ZANDER  JAVIER
                       1505        PO, DUANE MICHAELS  UY
                       1506        POCDIHON, RONERICA  BASILIO
                       1507        POE, MARVIN  OLOGUIBER
                       1508        POLICARPIO, EMILY  DUL-OG
                       1509        PONCE, FRANCES  OUANO
                       1510        PONCE, RHOBIN MHAR  ENRIQUEZ
                       1511        PONFERRADA, LHENOR  CANARIAS
                       1512        PORIO, JULIET  PEREZ
                       1513        PORLARES, BERNIE  CASAS
                       1514        PORTES, JAIME JR  GAHI
                       1515        PORTUGUEZ, BEVERLY  ARCILLA
                       1516        POSAS, JENNYLEN  DUMANAYOS
                       1517        PRADO, JONNA FRANCES  CORPUZ
                       1518        PRADO, NOELYN  TOLENTINO
                       1519        PREVENDIDO, GLORIE FE  ANDANTE
                       1520        PRUEBAS, RISSA MAE  DELA PUERTA
                       1521        PURA, KEVIN  RESARI
                       1522        PUTIS, BRYAN  PARGAN
                       1523        QUIACHON, JOYCE  SABIDOR
                       1524        QUIAMBAO, KATRINA CHARISMA  BRAVO
                       1525        QUIAMBAO, MELINDA  BAKING
                       1526        QUIBAN, ELIZABETH  PARPAN
                       1527        QUIJANO, CHERRY LYN  LIM
                       1528        QUIJANO, JUVY  ALBANIA
                       1529        QUIJANO, MA LOURDES  PABALE
                       1530        QUIMPO, KAREN  AVELLANA
                       1531        QUINDICA, RASHID  PEDRAL
                       1532        QUINIVISTA, HAZEL MAE  BATAUSA
                       1533        QUIRIM, MARY ANNE  SANORIA
                       1534        QUIROS, JOANA MARIE  PINEDA
                       1535        QUITILEN, NIÑA ZARA  COCHING
                       1536        QUITON, ANGELA JACHELLE  MARIFOSQUE
                       1537        QUITORIANO, NOEMI  GOMEZ
                       1538        QUIÑAL, CRISTAL  DARILAG
                       1539        RAAGAS, CHERRYL MAE  ALEJANDRO
                       1540        RABANG, CHRISALYN  BATACAN
                       1541        RAFANAN, LALA MAE  ESPINOSA
                       1542        RAFOL, NAHUM  DE LEON
                       1543        RAGRAG, MARIA FATIMA  GAQUIT
                       1544        RAHMAN, KYLE  MALIM
                       1545        RALLOS, RACHEL ANN  JUNDIS
                       1546        RAMBUYON, AYRA JOY  NOBLESALA
                       1547        RAMIREZ, ADRIAN PAUL  FERNANDEZ
                       1548        RAMIREZ, MA FATIMA  STA ANA
                       1549        RAMIREZ, MA JOCELYN  VELASCO
                       1550        RAMIREZ, QUEENIE ANN MARIE    
                       1551        RAMIREZ, RADIMIER  MORALES
                       1552        RAMO, KEIF KHARI  MADRILEJOS
                       1553        RAMOS, ANNA DANICA  COLLANTES
                       1554        RAMOS, JONATHAN  CARIASO
                       1555        RAMOS, NILOBELLE  CAÑON
                       1556        RAMOS, RAYMOND  COSIO
                       1557        RAMOS, ROMMEL  BATALLA
                       1558        RAMOSO, JENNAH MAE  HERNANDEZ
                       1559        RANCES, MELISSA  CABATU
                       1560        RANES, KLENT  QUIMBO
                       1561        RARANGOL, BLIZILLE  LOGRONIO
                       1562        RATUNIL, JASON CARLO  ESCARCHA
                       1563        RAVAGO, ROSALIE  LUNAS
                       1564        RAVAL, GRELLIE  GAVINO
                       1565        RAYMUNDO, NELIZZA  SURA
                       1566        RAYO, ERIKA JOY  ACOSTA
                       1567        RAYOS, SARAH  BANILBO
                       1568        RAZONALES, ELVY  BALESTRAMON
                       1569        RAÑESES, MARLON  ROMAN
                       1570        REBADOMIA, EMMANUEL  NALIASCA
                       1571        REBASE, JUNNINE VELYN  MOMBAY
                       1572        REBORON, JENNILYN  ABAD
                       1573        RECOLIZADO, LORAINE  MOLDEZ
                       1574        RECON, SHEILA  SACAYAN
                       1575        REFAMONTE, RONIE  OLAYA
                       1576        REFORMADO, JANINE  DEL CORRO
                       1577        REGALADO, ALVIN  GOMEZ
                       1578        REGIO, GERALDINE  DECENA
                       1579        REGONDOLA, MA CORAZON  MURILLO
                       1580        REGUAL, JAMILCA  SANCHEZ
                       1581        RELATORES, MARK LESTER  VIDAL
                       1582        RELAYO, CHARITY  FAUSTO
                       1583        RELINGO, ASA  RAFOL
                       1584        REMOROZA, CHERYL LEE  TIU
                       1585        REPOLLES, RICHELLE ANN  TEODORO
                       1586        REQUINE, TIFANNY  CANLAS
                       1587        REVILLA, MELODY JOY  POZON
                       1588        REVISA, FERALDINE  BANO
                       1589        REYES, ALVIN ROMMAR  TAMINA
                       1590        REYES, ANDREI KEVIN  PANTALEON
                       1591        REYES, FRANCES HANNAH  TONGSON
                       1592        REYES, FRESSIE  ALDAY
                       1593        REYES, IVY  MATIC
                       1594        REYES, JEFFREY  GARCIA
                       1595        REYES, JESSE  PERMEJO
                       1596        REYES, KHERVY  BARBON
                       1597        REYES, MA PIA CRISELDA MAE  DARJUAN
                       1598        REYES, MARGARETTE  PENSON
                       1599        REYES, RACQUEL  LIBUNAO
                       1600        REYES, RONA  AMORANTO  
                       1601        RICAFORT, ARNEL JEFFREY  NEPOMUCENO
                       1602        RICAÑA, JONALYN  MIÑOZA
                       1603        RIDAO, AIZA BELLE  SEGUNDO
                       1604        RIVERA, ALBERT DARYLL  ALFONSO
                       1605        RIVERA, JOYCE ANNE  TOLENTINO
                       1606        RIVERA, MICHAEL  DONCILLO
                       1607        ROA, PINKY RUTH  NOLLORA
                       1608        ROBERTO, VANESSA  MOLINTAS
                       1609        ROBLEDO, JULIUS  BENEDICTO
                       1610        ROBLES, JAN KRISTOFFER  OCTAVIANO
                       1611        ROBLES, JEAN CHRISTY  FUENTES
                       1612        ROCAS, GIANINE MARIE  BUETA
                       1613        RODIL, ANNA LIZA  MURCIA
                       1614        RODRIGUEZ, RESS  DELOS REYES
                       1615        RODRIGUEZ, WINNIE ANNE  CAÑETE
                       1616        ROFLO, SANDRA  MIRO
                       1617        ROJAS, IAN GILDO  SOLIS
                       1618        ROLDAN, AILEEN  LAVARES
                       1619        ROMERO, KATHLEEN  VALDEHUEZA
                       1620        RONDA, MARIA DANYA  ARINAL
                       1621        RONDEZ, EMMA LYNN  SABASAJE
                       1622        ROQUE, ALEJANDRO  MANUEL
                       1623        ROSAL, SUSANA  PASCUAL
                       1624        ROSALES, GEMMAROSE  RANCE
                       1625        ROSALES, MARK ANTHONY  CUZ
                       1626        ROSALES, VINCENT EMMANUEL  NORTEZA
                       1627        ROSARIO, JESUS ARIAN  TAMESA
                       1628        ROSARIO, KETH ASAHEL  HEYASA
                       1629        ROSE, DORELYN  REVESENCIO
                       1630        ROVILLOS, JINKY JILL  CECILIO
                       1631        ROXAS, NELIA  AMATA
                       1632        ROÑA, GIRON MILES  SATO
                       1633        RUBILLA, JOVENCIO JR  INFERIDO
                       1634        RUBILLOS, ROGELYN  CABUDOC
                       1635        RUBIN, MERRY  HOMOC
                       1636        RUBIO, CAMILLE JOY  ARANDELA
                       1637        RUBIO, FEDERICO JR  CHING
                       1638        RUBIO, JIA MARIE  VILLANUEVA
                       1639        RUIZ, MICHELLE ANN  ARIAS
                       1640        RULONA, REYMOND  JUNGCO
                       1641        RUNAS, KENNETH  JIMENEZ
                       1642        SABADO, LYLE LOISE  DAILEG
                       1643        SABANAL, IVY  CAPUCONG
                       1644        SABSAL, LOVELY MAE  JUNIO
                       1645        SABUD, ELVIN  JAGAPE
                       1646        SACANLE, MONALIZA  GOMMIT
                       1647        SACUPAYO, RACHEL ANN  CUAREZ
                       1648        SADSAD, MAY  SATUMBA
                       1649        SAGAPSAPAN, KATHYREN  VILLA
                       1650        SAGOLILI, KAISER  DENAGA  
                       1651        SAGRADO, EMMAREE MAY  ORTOJAN
                       1652        SAGUIN, DINA  JALAS
                       1653        SAGUINSIN, JASDYNNE MAE  REYES
                       1654        SAGUN, ROMARIZA  RAYOS
                       1655        SAGURIT, EDUARD  REYES
                       1656        SAJORGA, JOEL DAWN  TUMANDA
                       1657        SALACOP, JANESSA  ALI
                       1658        SALAGOSTE, ROSELYN  FRONDA
                       1659        SALALILA, MARK ANGELO  CAPITO
                       1660        SALAR, CHEEZEE  PALMARES
                       1661        SALCEDO, NORIEL  JAVIER
                       1662        SALIGUMBA, MARIA METHUSELAH  CONCEPCION
                       1663        SALIK, MERIANE  BENDIJO
                       1664        SALON, JECRIS  ONGAYO
                       1665        SALOR, REGIE ANN  ANTONIO
                       1666        SALUBO, SHESCKA KLYDELLE  SULATAN
                       1667        SALUDARES, FLORIE JEAN  INTERINO
                       1668        SALUPER, NORMAN  CANUMAY
                       1669        SALVA, ROM JONES  BELANDRES
                       1670        SALVADOR, ALAN  ABLITER
                       1671        SALVADOR, HARLAN  MOPRA
                       1672        SALVADOR, JERLIE  NICOLAS
                       1673        SALVADOR, LESLIE  TOQUERO
                       1674        SALVORO, RUBY FAITH  UGSAD
                       1675        SAMONTE, JO ANN MARIE  MONTESA
                       1676        SAMPAO, NORAIN  IBRAHIM
                       1677        SAMSON, CHRISTINE MAY  SALE
                       1678        SAMSON, LAIRENE  MAPOY
                       1679        SAN JUAN, MAEBELLENE  GARCIA
                       1680        SANCHEZ, FARENA  RENTOSA
                       1681        SANCHEZ, HERMINIO JR  MORADO
                       1682        SANCHEZ, JONALYN  DETABLAN
                       1683        SANCHEZ, ROSE ANN  TAMONDONG
                       1684        SANCHEZ, SOLEDAD  ABCEDE
                       1685        SANORIA, MARY ANN  PAQUIBOT
                       1686        SANTIAGO, CATERINE  DE GUZMAN
                       1687        SANTIAGO, KATHLEEN JOY  DOMINGO
                       1688        SANTIAS, TITO II  ATALO
                       1689        SANTOS, ARLYN  CARREON
                       1690        SANTOS, BRENDA ROSE  SAGUN
                       1691        SANTOS, CHERRY MAE  ROSLINDA
                       1692        SANTOS, HERSHY LOU  CABRERA
                       1693        SANTOS, LEXANE  PARCAREY
                       1694        SANTOS, LUISITO JR  GRAN
                       1695        SANTOS, MARK ADRIAN  DUMAGAN
                       1696        SANTOS, MARY AILEEN  TORIO
                       1697        SANTOS, MON ALBERT  BARTOLO
                       1698        SANTOS, RENATO  SEMINIANO
                       1699        SANTOS, SHEENA  TIGLAO
                       1700        SANTUICO, CARLO MAGNO  CUSTODIO  
                       1701        SAPICO, ALVIN  DE MESA
                       1702        SAPLAD, EMMA  VIOVICENTE
                       1703        SARCE, MARIZ  
                       1704        SARINGAN, ISAIAH DAVID  VELASQUEZ
                       1705        SARMIENTO, ANNE MARGARET  VALENTON
                       1706        SARMIENTO, GINALYN  AMADOS
                       1707        SARMIENTO, JAN CHRISTOPHER  LAO
                       1708        SARMIENTO, JUAN III  LAO
                       1709        SARMIENTO, MICAH  BATANG
                       1710        SARRONDO, LADY CLARIZE  LANDRITO
                       1711        SARVIDA, ALMERICA  BALBUTIN
                       1712        SASIS, MA JONALYN  TIBAYAN
                       1713        SATURNO, JERIC  PARANTAR
                       1714        SAYAGO, ODON  RESTAURO
                       1715        SAYCON, MARIECRIS  OCHEA
                       1716        SEBASTIAN, JOSE POCHOLO  CHICO
                       1717        SEBASTIAN, JULIE ANNE  SANTIAGO
                       1718        SEDON, RYAN  GEVEROLA
                       1719        SELSO, ELLYRA CLARIZZE  BAUTISTA
                       1720        SEMANA, NORA PIJAE  ESPIRITU
                       1721        SENO, ERIC  BRAGAT
                       1722        SENO, JACEL  PONCE
                       1723        SENO, MARIE MAY  ORAYLE
                       1724        SERIDON, JENNIFER  LABRADOR
                       1725        SEVERO, ARIANNE  LOPEZ
                       1726        SEVILLA, JOZZA  LIM
                       1727        SEVILLE, CHRISTIAN CLARK  CANDIA
                       1728        SEVILLENO, LOUENZI ARTNEY  MASUCOL
                       1729        SIAZON, MAYVEL  CASTRO
                       1730        SIBAL, STEFANIE MARY  SALITA
                       1731        SIBUG, LOU ANNABELLE  CAPUNITAN
                       1732        SIEGA, KAY JANE  DAÑO
                       1733        SIGAT, ALLEN CORD  BAGNI
                       1734        SILLAR, CALVIN  RIVAS
                       1735        SILVA, GRACE ANNE  INCIONG
                       1736        SILVA, VINCENT KENNETH  BATHAN
                       1737        SILVERIO, MERY CHEZZEL  BONIFACIO
                       1738        SIMBAHAN, BRIAN  CALATONG
                       1739        SIMBULAN, RACEL  FACUN
                       1740        SIMPAO, JOHN KENNETH  CASTRO
                       1741        SINCO, WINIBETH  LADISLA
                       1742        SIOCHI, ANTONIO JR  VIOLENTA
                       1743        SIOSON, REYMART  MARTINEZ
                       1744        SIPALAY, JEFFREY  CASAS
                       1745        SIRAD, SITTIE AINA  DIPATUAN
                       1746        SISCAR, MARIA CRISTINA  DE LARA
                       1747        SISON, JOHANNA PAULA  VILLAR
                       1748        SISON, JOHN DAVID  ROCES
                       1749        SISON, SHERYL  LIGSAY
                       1750        SIY, FREDERICK CHRISTIAN  ONG  
                       1751        SOBERANO, MYEN  DELA CRUZ
                       1752        SOBREPEÑA, JIMMEL  SECRETARIO
                       1753        SOCORIN, ANDRESA  AÑOS
                       1754        SOCRATES, JOYCE  VALDERAMA
                       1755        SOLAIMAN, RASUL  SOCOR
                       1756        SOLIS, MARIA REINA  BARRERA
                       1757        SOLLESTRE, ARMI  RICAFRENTE
                       1758        SOLLOSO, ANNA ANDREA  BALLADARES
                       1759        SOLMARIN, DULCE IRIS  DE VILLA
                       1760        SOMIDO, MARLO  SONEJA
                       1761        SOON, KEVIN  TAÑO
                       1762        SORIANO, DIANE JOY  AQUINO
                       1763        SORIANO, MARY GRACE  EMOCLING
                       1764        SORIAO, NIKKI ROSE  CHAVEZ
                       1765        SORONGON, JULIE ANNE  CHAVEZ
                       1766        SOTELO, SHERYL  DE VERA
                       1767        SOTTO, BEATRIZ LUXVIE  KUANG
                       1768        STA ANA, SENJIE  CUAJAO
                       1769        STA MARIA, BERNARD JOSEPH  BUENAVENTURA
                       1770        STO TOMAS, DANIEL  RORANES
                       1771        SUAISO, IRENE  TAPADO
                       1772        SUBANG, FRANCISCO JR  BERMUDEZ
                       1773        SUDARIA, ELLA  BALDOMAN
                       1774        SUEÑO, LEA FATIMA  SALAR
                       1775        SULAPAS, LANIE REA  QUIREQUIRE
                       1776        SULPOT, ANALIZA  CAGMAT
                       1777        SUNGCAD, GOLDA MARIE  BALANI
                       1778        SUNICO, MA CHERRY  ROSALITAS
                       1779        SUPERABLE, ROQUE JAY  MITA
                       1780        SURALTA, ARVIN  FERNANDEZ
                       1781        SUZON, JESSICA  EBUÑA
                       1782        SY, DENVER  SO
                       1783        SY, ERWIN  FOGATA
                       1784        SYTICO, TANICA  ALCERA
                       1785        TABACUG, HONEY GRACE  RAMOS
                       1786        TABASUNDRA, RACHEL  FOLLERO
                       1787        TABILIRAN, FLORIE MAE  CASTILLO
                       1788        TABIOS, RANIER  NAVARRO
                       1789        TABLINGON, IMEE  GELIN
                       1790        TABUD, MA AIZA GRACE  ATENTO
                       1791        TABUENA, ELLEN JANE  BAUAT
                       1792        TABUJARA, MA NANILI  CERVANTES
                       1793        TABUZO, RACHELLE  DATU
                       1794        TACAN, NERREZA TINA MARIE  MALOJO
                       1795        TAGAO, JOMAR  DAQUIOAG
                       1796        TAGAPIA, DIONNIE VIC  GARINGALAO
                       1797        TAGASLING, TEOFILO JR  LOCAGBO
                       1798        TAGO, JOIE ANGELIE  DIANON
                       1799        TAGORANAO, OMAIMA  HAMID
                       1800        TAGSA, VINEL  GEALONE  
                       1801        TAGUIAM, LEIHANA  CO
                       1802        TALISIC, GEOVANNI  MARKINES
                       1803        TAMAYO, LIGAYA  RANAN
                       1804        TAMAYO, MECHIELLE  ASIS
                       1805        TAMAYOR, DIANA GRACE  SEBASTIAN
                       1806        TAMBONG, MARICRIS  TORRES
                       1807        TAMBOONG, MICHAEL HOPE  GRINGIN
                       1808        TAMIRAY, LAARNIE  MARCOS
                       1809        TAMPUS, GERSHON JR  VALENCIANO
                       1810        TAN, ALYSSA SHEENA  PUA
                       1811        TAN, CHRISTINE DANIELLE MARIE  MANCHING
                       1812        TAN, DANIEL JEFFERSON  TONIARES
                       1813        TAN, JENNICA AILEEN  COO CHUI
                       1814        TAN, JOHN LOUISE  TIO
                       1815        TAN, LEONELL  ANG
                       1816        TAN, RICARDO JR  SERENIO
                       1817        TAN, SALVADOR  BORJA
                       1818        TANCIO, DAHLIA MONICA  DAMALERIO
                       1819        TANEGA, MARIA KRISTINA  TALACAY
                       1820        TANG, ALGER  CHUA
                       1821        TANG, DIANA  CHAN
                       1822        TANGLAO, CHIRELLE ANNE  SERRANO
                       1823        TANILON, MARY JOY  MAMIGO
                       1824        TAPIRU, LEO-GIBBS  CORPUZ
                       1825        TAPO, ANTHONY  QUINTERO
                       1826        TARAN, JASMIN  URIARTE
                       1827        TARRAYO, MAITA  TANAEL
                       1828        TATAD, NIÑA  ALMIRAÑEZ
                       1829        TATAD, SYRAGRACE  ACEBEDO
                       1830        TATEL, JONEL  BERNAL
                       1831        TATEL, RAYMOND  ESTRELLADO
                       1832        TAUSA, RYAN  SUELTO
                       1833        TAYAO, MARLETH  BULAON
                       1834        TAÑAMOR, JAY  LOS BAÑOS
                       1835        TECSON, HARVEY  MONTENEGRO
                       1836        TEDRANES, RONALIZA  
                       1837        TEE, KENNETH BIEN  DATA
                       1838        TEJERO, ARVIN CHRISTIAN  BAUTISTA
                       1839        TELIAKEN, HARVEY  DONGGA-AS
                       1840        TENEDERO, DAN AARON  OLMEDO
                       1841        TENEDERO, MINNIE  DANQUE
                       1842        TERADO, JEAN IRYL  CANAMA
                       1843        TIANGCO, ELORDE JR  ESCUETA
                       1844        TIMOGAN, ARLE KRYSAN  AMBA
                       1845        TINAMISAN, RAYMUND  ACESOR
                       1846        TININGGAL, SHEENA MARIZ  PARENTELA
                       1847        TINIO, ROWEL  MIJARES
                       1848        TIRAMBULO, GERALDYN  GADIANA
                       1849        TIUJANCO, JACQUELINE  DY
                       1850        TIVOLI, MICHAEL JORDAN  LOPEZ  
                       1851        TOGÑO, MARIA DIVINA  CABASE
                       1852        TOLENTINO, AARON PAUL  LEDESMA
                       1853        TOLENTINO, HONEY PRETZEL  RODIL
                       1854        TOLENTINO, JEFRIL  CASANOVA
                       1855        TOMAS, LUCKY BRYAN  LONZAGA
                       1856        TONGCO, JONDEE  SIOSON
                       1857        TOPE, BRIANNE  JULIAN
                       1858        TORALLO, ROSANNA  BRUSELAS
                       1859        TORIBIO, ZUZETTE  GALANG
                       1860        TORINO, RACKY  ANDRES
                       1861        TORLAO, KRISTINE JOY  BARBIN
                       1862        TORRADO, CHERRY  VERGARA
                       1863        TORRE, JEDIDIAH DAVID  TABAS
                       1864        TORRECHIVA, ERNIE  JERUSALEM
                       1865        TORREON, MARKEL  ARONG
                       1866        TORRES, CECILLE  PELAEZ
                       1867        TORRES, CLARIZA  SALENGA
                       1868        TORRES, MICHAELA  NICASIO
                       1869        TORRES, MIKE JONELLE  VERGARA
                       1870        TOYOKEN, GAYZLE  KAWI
                       1871        TRAJE, EMAR  PANAGSAGAN
                       1872        TRESPALACIO, JUAN PAULINO JUNIOR  SILVA
                       1873        TRESTIZA, JEFFREY  ABRACIA
                       1874        TRINIDAD, JOCEL MARIE  JOMUAD
                       1875        TUAZON, JOHN MICHAEL  DE LA FUENTE
                       1876        TUAZON, KHRISTIAN CHRISTOPHER  ISRAEL
                       1877        TUAZON, KRISTIAN  ROCA
                       1878        TUBAON, ABIGAIL  SUMA-OY
                       1879        TUDTUD, JENNIFER  
                       1880        TUGAS, ANALYN  FERRER
                       1881        TUHAO, JEANETTE  TAMON
                       1882        TUMANGAN, SHERWIN  CATORCE
                       1883        TUNGPALAN, CRISTY  DELA CRUZ
                       1884        TUQUIB, ADRIAN  ESTREMERA
                       1885        TUS, MA ELLA CONCEPCION  DE MATEO
                       1886        TUTANES, JASON  CAÑIZA
                       1887        TUTANES, JOHN CYRIL  DANLAY
                       1888        TUZON, PATRICK  RAMOS
                       1889        UBALDO, STEFFI MAE  ESTEBAN
                       1890        UMALI, WENDEL  MORCILLA
                       1891        URBANO, ANNE GRACE  UDHAY
                       1892        URBI, MARIE JOYCE  RINGOR
                       1893        URBINO, JAMES DARWIN  DELA CRUZ
                       1894        USMAN, ALIAH  MUSTAPHA
                       1895        UY, CLERRACEL  REYES
                       1896        UY, DELMART  ANCERO
                       1897        UY, DUKE STEFAN  DE LOS SANTOS
                       1898        UY, EUGENIA  SWING
                       1899        UY, FELIX ERAÑO  PAKINGGAN
                       1900        UY, FEOVIE  TAN  
                       1901        UY, KENNETH JEFFERSON  UN
                       1902        UY, KIMBERLY  SINSONA
                       1903        VALDEZ, ANNA DANESSA  HONORIO
                       1904        VALDEZ, ANNA LIZA  SIMON
                       1905        VALDEZ, KEITH RYAN  IMPROGO
                       1906        VALENCIA, ZANDRO  ROMERO
                       1907        VALISNO, CINDERELLA  TARDIO
                       1908        VALLE, JOHN VICTOR  MONSERRAT
                       1909        VARGA, JOHN PAUL  VILLAFLOR
                       1910        VEDAÑA, JEAN RACHELL  SANTOS
                       1911        VELARDE, JENNIFER  CASTELLANO
                       1912        VELASCO, ELISHA  REYES
                       1913        VELASCO, KATRINA MAE  CHIU
                       1914        VELASCO, MA NORBELITA  CASTILLO
                       1915        VELASQUEZ, ISAGANI  NARDO
                       1916        VELASQUEZ, OSCAR  SENEN
                       1917        VELASQUEZ, SARAH JOYCE  CRUZ
                       1918        VELORIA, JENNY LYN  ILARINA
                       1919        VELOYA, MA CORAZON JELLYNIE  PAGKALIWANGAN
                       1920        VENTURA, FRANCES LENE  ABEL
                       1921        VENTURA, MARIA ANITA LUZ  SANDAYAN
                       1922        VENUS, ERVIE PEARL  SUÑER
                       1923        VERAGUAS, JEFRED  CARI-AN
                       1924        VERGARA, DANALENE  GALANG
                       1925        VERIL, DON RICO  
                       1926        VERONA, RUSSELL  APILADO
                       1927        VICENTE, JOAN JOYCE  CABIGTING
                       1928        VICTOR, MARY-AN  DALUS
                       1929        VIDAD, NEL CARLO  PALAGANAS
                       1930        VIDAL, ANA MAE  DELA VICTORIA
                       1931        VIDALLON, PALMA  VARIAS
                       1932        VILA, REGINA  SEVILLA
                       1933        VILLA, ALTHEA FAY  ESCALONA
                       1934        VILLA, RAYNAND  LIBRON
                       1935        VILLA, ROBIE  VISTO
                       1936        VILLACORTA, MELODY  CLAVERIA
                       1937        VILLACORTE, JAMES EARL  SACAYAN
                       1938        VILLACRUCIS, PRETI DAINE  ARCEO
                       1939        VILLAFLOR, MONIQUE KRIS  FLORANTE
                       1940        VILLAFLORES, ASHLEY  TIRADOS
                       1941        VILLAFUERTE, RODEL JR  DE LEMOS
                       1942        VILLAHERMOSA, LESTER JOHN  JESKO
                       1943        VILLALON, BRYAN  REFE
                       1944        VILLAMARZO, ALYZA JANE  DUMAOP
                       1945        VILLAMOR, DESIREE DAWN  BICAR
                       1946        VILLAMOR, RITCHEL  CAYADONG
                       1947        VILLANUEVA, ANALEE  MACALINO
                       1948        VILLANUEVA, JAY ROEL  DE GUZMAN
                       1949        VILLANUEVA, LARRY  YACO
                       1950        VILLANUEVA, MEL ANGELA  VALENZUELA  
                       1951        VILLANUEVA, RAMSEY  CARMELOTES
                       1952        VILLAR, CESAR ALBERT  MARQUEZ
                       1953        VILLAR, DINA  OGAYA
                       1954        VILLARANTE, JASMIN  SORIANO
                       1955        VILLAREAL, MEMIE  RAMOS
                       1956        VILLARIN, JUPITTER  BENIGAY
                       1957        VILLARUEL, FROILAN  RIEGO
                       1958        VILLOCILLO, NIKKA SHERIKA HANYL  GARCIA
                       1959        VILLORENTE, ROBERCITO  CALAMAYA
                       1960        VILLOSTAS, DENNIS  BAES
                       1961        VILLOSTAS, JULIE ANNE  FAYEN
                       1962        VINGUA, JONATHAN  GALASE
                       1963        VIOLA, VLAZNAKE  OSDON
                       1964        VIRAY, JAN KENT  QUIMPO
                       1965        VISPERAS, DANILO  GARCIA
                       1966        VITOBINA, SHIELA MARIE  ARBIS
                       1967        VITUG, ROLANDO JR  GARCIA
                       1968        VIVIT, HEREN JOY EVALOR  GULLA
                       1969        VIÑAS, KATHERINE  BLAY
                       1970        WAJE, JADE MAVIC  ALCARAZ
                       1971        WALAT, FLOREL  AQUINO
                       1972        WATIN, THERESE MARIE  VILLAHERMOSA
                       1973        WENDT, JON PATRICK  AGOJO
                       1974        WONG, WILLINE JAYBEE  LONGDAYAN
                       1975        YABUT, ABIGAIL EVE  BARLAAN
                       1976        YABUT, MINA JOY  LAYUG
                       1977        YADAO, MARICEL  BIANES
                       1978        YALONG, JELOMEH ANN  LEANO
                       1979        YAMBOT, EDSON  MARIANO
                       1980        YANGA, ORVILLE  OCAMPO
                       1981        YANOS, MARK ANTHONY  CARLOS
                       1982        YAO, LESLIE ANNE  LIM
                       1983        YAO, THOMERSON  BANGAYAN
                       1984        YEPEZ, EDMARK  VIVERO
                       1985        YGAY, REGI  ALOWA
                       1986        YLARDE, JANINE FRANCES  BLANCA
                       1987        YLAYA, NILBETH  RIGOR
                       1988        YONA, GRETCHEN  PAMETLAN
                       1989        YOUNG, CHRISTINE PINGREE  SUN
                       1990        YSMAEL, JUAN LEANDRO  SANTOS
                       1991        YUMOL, JOHN EMIL  YUMOL
                       1992        YURONG, ANNALYN  ALMIROL
                       1993        ZABALA, VERNIE CHRIS  ARIZALA
                       1994        ZAMORA, JEFFREY  FULAY
                       1995        ZAPATA, ERA VIVEZA  ESCALANTE
   Manila, Philippines
   MAY 22, 2012
         (orig. signed)
         EUGENE T. MATEO
      Board of Accountancy
             (orig. signed)
                                                  TERESITA R. MANZALA