Thursday, May 22, 2008

OnE mEssAgE reCeiVeD

teet-teet .. teet-teet ..

My mind's so preoccupied. I have been dealing with my mind-buggling task for how many hours now. I heard my cellular phone beeped. But as always, I don't get it right away. I kept myself focused on my work.

Haaaayyy..(*yawns) I decided to take a break since I've been stiff-sitting in my unit for a couple of hours already. Then I remembered to take a peek at my cellphone, wondering who the sender of the message could be.

When I opened it, a great bang on my head and a loud thumping of my heart overwhelemed me. I was a bit astonished. The message was:

"Sunduin mo ako bukas sa airport 4:20 pm."
Sender: Bring me to life (the one I featured in my post 'a gentle plea from a sobbing heart')

Oh Lord..

Of all people, she was the last person I least expected to text me. The message was quite questionable and I should admit, up heaving too. The question "why" daunted me immediately.

I felt nervous, excited, surprised, etc.. Actually, I am feeling something like I'm in the middle of a mixed emotion until now. I don't know what to do, on what to reply, on how to react. Should I go fetch her and face the person who caused my tears? Or should I pretend not to have read the message and run away forever from the pain I'm hiding?

You see, the feeling's still there.. Call me coward but at this very moment, I really doubt my gallantry.. :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Song of the DaY!!!

Who can relate to this song?
I think this song really fits what I am now..:) (LOL)

No more explanation why should I like this for a long time it just meant for me at this point of life.. ",)

Slowly picking up the mess of the past. (^_^)


Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Everyone is changing
there's noone left that's real
to make up your own ending
and let me know just how you feel
cause I am lost without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i will save you
from all of the unclean
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are
There's oceans in between us
but that's not very far


Nobody told me what you thought
nobody told me what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
told you when to runaway
nobody told you where to hide
nobody told you what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
showed you when to runaway


This pain you gave to me

You take it all
You take it all away...
This pain you gave to me
You take it all away
This pain you gave to me
Take it all away
This pain you gave to me

After I finishe listening to this song it feels so cool and fine... And roll it over again...:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

~A genTle pLea fRom a SobbIng hearT~

Is it too difficult to decide when your girl wants you to choose between her and your friend?

Is it right for you to choose both?

Or much better to leave the question unanswered? (which is far more impossible to do)..


Arduous, isn't it?

You may weigh all reasons and let your heart decide. But for sure, if you choose one over the other, it would be more complicated. Chances are, you will make the other happy, yet the other one teary-eyed. A very unfair act indeed.

Or you can use your head, your instincts. Nevertheless, same thing would happen, unless if you won't choose anyone from both of them. But the possibility is, you won't have them both in the end (well, that depends upon how broad-minded the person is).

I feel so worn-out with everything right now.. I don't know what to do.. So to speak, I don't want to choose..

I spent so many nights thinking about the best solution.. trying to figure out what's best and what's not..

I know I deserve to be happy, and you too.. yet you are trying to lead me into something I wasn't sure of the outcome yet.. I mean, the future.. If I'll choose you, how sure will I be that you'll not forsake me at the end of the road? Can you promise me you won't leave me until forever? I know you can't.. you really can't..

Our situation is an evident factor to our relationship's unsecured prosperity.. Maybe if only you try to understand, you will never ask me to do that.. and I'll never be pushed to do this too..

We know that we are both insanely inlove with each other (or are we really?). And our indifferences make us blend together. However, we both have high prides and have plans for ourselves. I admit, I am selfish, but so are you. We really can't work it out. I know it's painful, and the twinge in my heart still bothers me. But I have to decide.. to choose..

Goodbye to you, I'm sorry.. I still love you..

You're unfair.. and so I guess I need to be just..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


To whom it my concern:

I frogstone,

This is my pseudonym and I carry this since high school, you know why I choose this name? Well its sounds like the english word of my real name. (LOL)

Please understand me for this alternative name I made.

Hope your kind consideration!

Your Friend,


Monday, May 5, 2008

eMo mE?!

Its been a month since my last drop by in this basecamp.

But now im to happy that I shared a little time to write my emotion in this article, too emotion to do this kind but this past month have colored my life, lots of thing happen that even myself got shocked of what I done.

Serving two masters at a time, is not pretty good for me. Even if I know, I can do multi tasking. You need to pick one master for you to give everything.

Its a mathher of choice, what will be the best for you and into the other person.

And for that action you need to face the consequence!

That will make your life colorful for having a freedom to choose.

Thats LIFE!