Monday, November 10, 2008


The GMN is for anyone who had been a student, alumnus, or employee of any of the campuses of the Mindanao State University.

To join GMN, go to
The Global MSUans Network is the best medium in our efforts to interconnect MSUans worldwide. It's now the most visited as compared to the previous websites of the same vision that we developed. Why? Because the GMN is not only a website but a social networking site, a professional tool that an MSUan can use in tracking former classmates, schoolmates, dormmates, professors and friends -- tools such as chat, discussion forum, photo, video, music, events calendar, private and public messaging, blogging, and most of all, the capacity to automatically make personal webpage for one who signs up. The personal webpage that is generated is intertwined with the main GMN front- and back-end systems.

Connecting with MSUans is made more interesting with the ability to associate faces with names because subscribers are only anxious to upload their individual and group photos as well as videos and music to share with the MSUans. Clicking the MEMBERS link will bring you to the Members page which displays the list of subscribers complete with the details of his/her MSUanship.

We now have 552 members, 1663 photos, 33 videos, 110 songs, 96 forum topics, 13 events, 79 blog posts, 26 groups...and still growing.