Sunday, April 19, 2009

Renewing Age! -26-

This will be my change to thank those people who greet and remember my day!
I really appreciate your text messages and your personal greetings.:D

For me birthday is just a day that counts your age and to list it down when ever there are personal question you encounter. It is just a partner of your sex and status, but this latest birthday of mine, I felt some kind of simple and humble celebration...

I talk coming from an "LOLA" grandmother, she ask me what will be my plan on my day? I quietly think for a moment and she sad just pray and thank HIM for the good health that He give to you. I suddenly agreed to him and so I start my day plan. Remembering HIM and thank HIM is a best way of starting your renewing age..:D



jigs said...

isang shot para sa tagumpay!

Aice Nice Concepts said...

happy birthday kurt (^_^) na ulaw ko greet nimo personally pero wala gud nako nalimtan alangan posted gud sa bulleting (^_^)

nga pala about the picture ambot nimo ngano wa ka?! (O_o)