Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips To Increase Your Metabolism

There is a big problem in the diet industry today. Everywhere you look there is a new book, or infomercial, or diet program that is said to be the latest and greatest way to lose weight. One program says eating carbs is bad while the other says don’t eat protein or cut out all the fat. As most weight loss interested consumers know it can get mighty confusing just trying to figure out whose hype to believe. And the fact is most people who try the latest diet or exercise program don’t stick with the program and more often than not they not only gain the weight back they actually gain more than they originally started with.

Probably the simplest and easiest way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism. So what’s the easiest way to get that metabolism increase? The answer is easy because the key to any long term weight loss and then maintaining that weight is eating healthy foods.

The first place to start when it comes to eating healthier is the grocery store. While this topic is seldom covered in many of the diet books and programs it only makes sense because that’s where we get the majority of our food. The typical grocery store keeps all the processed and junk foods in the center of the store. The healthier foods that you want to load your cart with are found around the perimeter of the store. You know, those fresh fruits and vegetables that your mom was always trying to get you to eat. When it comes to selecting a protein source it is best to go with fresh fish and poultry. You can also get red meat but it is best to eat only lean cuts.

Another tip to increase you metabolism is to actually eat more meals per day. Many people who attempt to lose weight actually skip meals but this has the opposite of the desired effect, it can actually lead to a slower metabolism. The normal practice of eating three large meals a day, while not necessarily bad, can leave you feeling bloated and tired afterwards. If you eat 5 or 6 smaller meals over the course of the day you keep your body energized throughout the day which will also help increase your metabolism. If you eat healthy food every three to four hours your body’s metabolism will run at a high rate all day long and you will always feel full and energized, keeping you from snacking on sugary foods.

Fresh raw foods are the best when it comes to increasing your metabolism. They are the healthiest foods you can buy and are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which all cause the body to burn more energy just digesting them. They are also lower in calories, with most of their energy coming from complex carbohydrates. The thing to remember is if it comes in a box it should be avoided.

The last tip when it comes to eating healthier foods is to beware of products that are labeled “reduced” or “low fat”. What happens is manufacturers take many of their high fat products and offer a reduced fat version that still contains an ample amount of fat. They will also replace the removed fat with a form of sugar that increases the calories of the product back to its original level. It is important to see how many calories a food product actually contains whether it is reduced fat or not. Another important distinction is the type of calories a food contains. If most of the calories comes from sugar or fat it should be avoided because these types of calories are almost instantly converted to fat stores. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are more slowly metabolized by the body and actually burn more calories digesting and processing then they contain.

By eating healthier and nutrient dense foods you can increase your metabolism significantly. This is not only good for you body as a whole but can also help you to lose weight and keep it off for the long run.