Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to differentiate kamfa and zz

Ways to know kamfa from zz flowerhorn. There are modern kamfa now that has been cross breed to zz but we can recognize easily if this flower horn is a kamfa or a zz. Caring kamfa is so hard because rather than zz. Kamfa Flower horns are late bloomer and super stressful. You have to give and love them more also exert more care to make your kamfa outstanding and beautiful. Inborn characteristics of kamfa's are:

The forehead/kok of the Kamfa rises higher than the ZZ.

On the side of the forehead/kok, the ZZ has more conspicuous/easily seen black mark/flowers than the Kamfa.

The lips of the Kamfa is smooth and circular whereas the lower lips of the ZZ is sticking/protruding out and the upper lips is shorter.

The eyes of the ZZ are usually outstanding/bulge out. The eyes of the Kamfa are hollow/sunken.Also the color of the kamfa's eye are white, the zz possess redness.

The dorsal fin and anal fin of the Kamfa would wrap around the caudal fin and they would look like one whole fin. The dorsal fin and anal fin of a ZZ would usually go upward and downward. The caudal fin of the ZZ is usually smaller also.

The bigger & older ZZ, it would have a droopy caudal tail. This condition would not occur to the Kamfa strain.