Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baking Accessories: Only from Harvey’s

Harvey’s, a 24/7 online store offers a number of baking accessories available for sale. They’re currently on sale right now so you might want to check out what they have to offer.

First off, they have this cute Chicken Timer that is shaped like a hen and winds up as a reminder. Priced at $11.99, it can add a little color to your kitchen just right next to your cooking pans and countertops. It has a pleasant shrill when the time is up and winds up to 60 minutes. It stands about 3.5 inches and it’s one of those baking accessories that will help you keep tabs on cooking time.

Next on the list is Harvey’s Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher. Specially priced at $17.95, this equipment complements your baking accessories as it will help you cut your loaf without cutting your hand. It’s made of wood and plastic which is fixed enough to guide your knife.

As with any set of baking accessories, a really good bread pan like Norpro 8 Inch Non-Stick Bread Pan does the trick. Perfect for creating meatloaves, desserts and bread, this nonstick steel-pan is made with special rigidity to withstand oven heat. Tapered on the sides and with square corners, this is a great addition to you at just $9.99.

When making bread or any kind of pastry, one would always need a handy dough knife. Harvey’s happen to have one on sale at $5.99 from its original price of $7.99. With its handle made of wood, it’s very easy to grip and use. This dough knife measures 6”x 3” and has measuring markers on its blade. Made for precision and detail, this is a must beside your rolling pin.

Lastly, one of the best baking accessories that Harvey’s can provide is the Home Bakery X-20. It is electronic equipment that can cook bread with a touch of a button. It can do a standard rectangular 2 lbs. loaf in just 2 hours. It has controls for crust color and has automatic settings for baking wheat, white, dough, fruit jam, cake, and so on. If you keep on baking the same set of pastries, you can program this appliance to do presets. It can turn off by itself as one of its safety features. It comes with instructional manuals and videos to teach you how to use its LCD screen. It even actually has a viewing window and comes with non-stick baking pan customized for it. It can be bought from the online store at reduced price of $214.95.


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