Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Acer Black AX1430 G-UW30P Desktop PC

While laptop computers are becoming a lot more popular nowadays there are still many men and women who prefer the reliability of a desktop computer. There are plenty of reasons for this but in my personal opinion it is because individuals end up having a lot less trouble with a desktop than they do with a laptop. Another thing I actually like about a desktop over a laptop is the fact the you can get a computer screen which is much larger than any laptop. In relation to getting a good desktop for your house you might find that the Acer Black AX1430G-UW30P Desktop PC will have everything you need, and it's also what we're looking at in this article. In search of extra info about this new Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik, You can also get the very best Harga Notebook Highly affordable.

The hard drive that comes with this computer is in fact 1 TB which is actually a great size for any kind of computer available today. A few years back most computers that were being released carried a 160 or less gigabyte hard drive, I just wanted to point that out so you realize how large this hard drive actually is. I'm sure you will also be impressed with the reality that this computer includes 4 GB of ram, which is something which is great for gamers and men and women who multitask.

Something else worth pointing out is the operating system which comes installed on this computer and you are going to be happy to realize that you'll be acquiring the Windows 7 home premium edition. Many men and women did not like Windows Vista, but this new platform that they released is something which seems to be pleasing everybody.

Another thing you're going to find that comes included in this package and something that you'll probably be impressed with is the 21.5 inch monitor. For individuals who know anything about monitors you need to comprehend that to be able to purchase a monitor of this size could end up costing you around $200. But you're additionally going to discover that this monitor is better than a standard monitor as it actually has the stereo speakers constructed into it.

Needless to say for people that are more interested in using your computer for media purposes you will recognize that it has a DVD burner which is also included. You are in addition going to discover that this includes a five in one memory card reader, 6 USB ports, three audio ports and it also has an HDMI port.

One thing I ought to mention is that if you take a look at this product on Amazon you'll not find reviews from previous purchasers mainly because the product is still too new. Obviously if you decide to purchase this device I recommend that you buy it from Amazon because you can pick it up for just $549.99. Needless to say if you actually were going to pay retail price for this item somewhere you will find that the retail cost is actually $650. So should you be one of the people looking to purchase a new desktop computer for your home you will probably find that the Acer Black AX1430G-UW30P Desktop PC is a good option. So start using Acer Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik as your laptops.