Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Nutrimill Grain Mill – A Revolution in Grain Mills

We don’t often come across a kitchen product that’s genuinely revolutionary, but once it does it could transform the way we do things at home and with our lifestyle in turn. Such revolutionary innovation comes in the form of the Nutrimill Grain Mill, which features its convenient use and noise-free, heat-reduced performance. The preliminary problems and issues involving electric grain mills have been dealt with in the Nutrimill, which includes operation that’s free of dust and can conduct self-cleaning aside from the reduced noise levels. The special feature that enables the low- to no-noise levels is the air channeling, which is a novel and intelligent design, and one that setsNutrimill way above the other modern kitchen mills. Indeed, the engineers have carefully crafted the features to make the Nutrimill highly useful for the people. For instance, the interaction with the bowl is made easier and more effortless through the Trutrack guides found in the base of the mill. Also, storage is made more convenient with the storage of the cord within the unit, and it can be disassembled fast with the use of the take-down knob.            

Fine, efficient technology

The specialized heads used for milling—the TruGrind impact milling heads—enables the production of grinds that are both fine and coarse. These stainless steel heads prevent the mixing of the stones and burrs in the grains by turning the wheat berries into fine grains. Along with this is the cooling mechanism with the use of the airflow design found in the base of the unit. Thus, temperatures below 125 can be achieved, thereby preserving the essential nutrients of the grains.   

Novel multifunctionality

There are two levels of control in this mill by which you can regulate the coarseness or fineness of the flour. Through the variable speed motor feature, impact heads can be controlled by the user as well as the speed of the motor, enabling you to have the grains that are perfect either for flours in cakes or for popcorn and rice. Also, the huge selection of grains that are dry and grindable can be used in special diets or in gluten-free ones.  

Grinding Mill that’s Fast and Efficient

About 20 cups of flour can go through the mill and be one in five minutes more or less through the impressive design of the impact chamber. Overfilling the bowl will not be a problem with the predetermined one to one ratio for milling, which enables one to fill the grain hopper with no worries whatsoever. Also, this is the sole grinder that can be switched on and off during the grinding itself, unlike other units that have impact chambers that are jammed. 

Durability and Superb Quality

Truly the Nutrimill is an important addition to any kitchen, and the quality can be assured not only with the type of motor used but with the impact heads as well. The ingenuity, versatility and craftsmanship of its design will assure the user of its durability for many years to come.