Thursday, May 22, 2008

OnE mEssAgE reCeiVeD

teet-teet .. teet-teet ..

My mind's so preoccupied. I have been dealing with my mind-buggling task for how many hours now. I heard my cellular phone beeped. But as always, I don't get it right away. I kept myself focused on my work.

Haaaayyy..(*yawns) I decided to take a break since I've been stiff-sitting in my unit for a couple of hours already. Then I remembered to take a peek at my cellphone, wondering who the sender of the message could be.

When I opened it, a great bang on my head and a loud thumping of my heart overwhelemed me. I was a bit astonished. The message was:

"Sunduin mo ako bukas sa airport 4:20 pm."
Sender: Bring me to life (the one I featured in my post 'a gentle plea from a sobbing heart')

Oh Lord..

Of all people, she was the last person I least expected to text me. The message was quite questionable and I should admit, up heaving too. The question "why" daunted me immediately.

I felt nervous, excited, surprised, etc.. Actually, I am feeling something like I'm in the middle of a mixed emotion until now. I don't know what to do, on what to reply, on how to react. Should I go fetch her and face the person who caused my tears? Or should I pretend not to have read the message and run away forever from the pain I'm hiding?

You see, the feeling's still there.. Call me coward but at this very moment, I really doubt my gallantry.. :(


jean said...

char uie...cge lng gud.. amo man ng kinabuhi sang tao:D

czyczy said...

ayayay!!!!!..hehehhheh:)..ana jud na tol..mao kaw na jud ni amin sa amo sa =rili na naa gihapon ang imo ginatago2 na gugma dira sa kasingitsingitan sa imo dughan na uwagan..waaaaaaaaaa:))..NICE ONE!!!..magpakatotoO ka brother!!!..GO TOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... tapos imu xa g.sundo? ng rep ka sa iya txt na imu xa sunduon? naa ka man work ana na oras... hehehe... mwah... ayaw libog2 oi... ikaw jud... hehehhe... mwah.. ingatz...

yan said...

baki. mashadong m.drama ang blog ha. hehehe. unsa imu decision ana? na miss cgro ka a2 mo na ikaw iya g.txt para i.sundo xa. ikaw jud. hehehe. mwah!!! ingatz always...