Thursday, May 8, 2008

~A genTle pLea fRom a SobbIng hearT~

Is it too difficult to decide when your girl wants you to choose between her and your friend?

Is it right for you to choose both?

Or much better to leave the question unanswered? (which is far more impossible to do)..


Arduous, isn't it?

You may weigh all reasons and let your heart decide. But for sure, if you choose one over the other, it would be more complicated. Chances are, you will make the other happy, yet the other one teary-eyed. A very unfair act indeed.

Or you can use your head, your instincts. Nevertheless, same thing would happen, unless if you won't choose anyone from both of them. But the possibility is, you won't have them both in the end (well, that depends upon how broad-minded the person is).

I feel so worn-out with everything right now.. I don't know what to do.. So to speak, I don't want to choose..

I spent so many nights thinking about the best solution.. trying to figure out what's best and what's not..

I know I deserve to be happy, and you too.. yet you are trying to lead me into something I wasn't sure of the outcome yet.. I mean, the future.. If I'll choose you, how sure will I be that you'll not forsake me at the end of the road? Can you promise me you won't leave me until forever? I know you can't.. you really can't..

Our situation is an evident factor to our relationship's unsecured prosperity.. Maybe if only you try to understand, you will never ask me to do that.. and I'll never be pushed to do this too..

We know that we are both insanely inlove with each other (or are we really?). And our indifferences make us blend together. However, we both have high prides and have plans for ourselves. I admit, I am selfish, but so are you. We really can't work it out. I know it's painful, and the twinge in my heart still bothers me. But I have to decide.. to choose..

Goodbye to you, I'm sorry.. I still love you..

You're unfair.. and so I guess I need to be just..


jean said...

na unsa na man ka kurt??hmmm maka hilak man ko og thumbtacks.. huhuhuhuhu cge lng uie...

Princess Cinderella said...

hello sir...hmmm tama jean makahilak gyud tah ani bah...ok comment ko ha:
Well if she really loves you, she must accept everything about you including the people around you.pero kung banlungon kah sir tapos b.i imo friends aw lahi nana concern sya sa imoha..hahahay...pero kung dili aw....selfish sya..ngita lain oi kana maka sabot sa imoha tapos love pud kah....hahay maka hilak ko bildo ani bah..mwah..keep on posting sir..mwah tc....

yan said...

hus dat grl ur talking about bakeruddin? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... take care....