Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pretty much wasted last day..=(

Pretty much wasted last day..=(

Last day I was on my bed and my boardmate invite me to joined with the party. So I came to the said party and Im not lucky enough because that party is an acquaintance party in the boarding house.. HUH ...So sad for me because all the people there have a piece of wine to drink and that was the worst nightmare I ever encountered because the liquor is totally hard..It was a hardshooting day and I was totally wasted. I made a mess in our own room..(shocks.. i vomit) huhuhu

Thanks to you for the time you give to recover and putting some treatment to me.

Still now I survive...(lol)


Jean said... dihang nag vommit jud.. :P

czy-czy said...

ewwwwww..TAGEMZ..nganong nienter!!..hehehe:))..kinsa naghatag ang nag take gud care???hmmmmmmm...something fishy....hahahahahha


Lagi suka2 gyud bah..murag karon pa gyud ko..hahha:)