Monday, July 7, 2008

yoU knoW who You Are!

tsk tsk tsk....

Pausing for a moment.. *sighs*
Missed my site and thought of posting some reflections which I had collected a while back..

I'm into a more hectic schedule now because of the extra activities I've been doing lately. Well that's life - we need to divert our present to mark up with something..

A have no idea for now..
But let me take this opportunity to thank a special person who made me smile and forget my problems all along. She always have this helping hand whenever I need one. And what's making me more grateful to her is that, she is slowly helping me to revive something which I think was lost along with those times I've been so down and jaded. This may not be known to her but now I'm voicing this out :)

I know you know who you are and I'm just so lucky to have you.

Thanks - for being an alert back-up, friend, and companion.

(..still thinking if she will be able to read this..)

You are ONE, REAL, SUPERB someOne! I salute you ;)


chai said...

gi voice out daw niya pero wala gimention ang name.bleeeehh