Tuesday, September 23, 2008

one piece of my life

“Kurt, JIGS tagged you..”

So i suddenly check the site of my friend JIGS “ Ang batang bronze”, after a while i read what it is all about. He tag me to right 8 facts about my life or my self. I think of it, if i would continue to write about my self. After a second I realize that it is good to share what is in me. So that they will deeply know me.(for a while after reading this post) lols...

So I will start this 8 tagged that they give to me..

I am now the elder son of Mr. & Mrs. Abdulrahman C. Damada after the death of my older brother when I was in grade1 and he was in grade2. He was hit by a tricycle when we are about to pass the high way and after that we run him to the nearest hospital but he lost his life at 5:30 am on November 24, 1989. I was 19 years ago and I was only 6 years old that time but that accident was so clear to me..

I am 25 years Old now and I'm proud with my self that I stand with my both feet facing the challenges of life.
I need to because when I was in a MSU where I finished my Undergraduate Course I was independent that time. I take care with my decision because my parents was to far from where I the school located. I am accountable of my happiness and future. I don't want to be a failure. I want to make my family happy for what I am.

When I was in MSU I joined a fraternity that help me build my self confidence and deal with the main problem in that place loneliness you need to have companion to make your life colorful. Not just in MSU that I meet a friend because of my affiliation but also in other places that I meet my other Brods and Sis.. I'm a true blooded 19PHI LAMBDA EPSILON65 and die with the wings of this FAMILY.

Now I studied my Masteral Degree and hoping to finish this in 2010 as of my target year. My ALLAH Blessed me!

I have 3 brother and they are still studying in Assumption College of Nabunturan. Namely Mansor still and always graduating in college; Khan a 2nd yr College of the said campus and lastly Azis “T-boy” a 3rd yr high school student. I really love and care them even if I don't show to them but deep in me I care so much to them.

My habit in life. I love motorcycle, riding and going to what ever place is one of my favorite activity when I am in Nabunturan. Even if last December 24, 2000 I celebrate Christmas in the hospital because I was bump by an accident going home, it didn't lost a single interest in motorcycle. One of my dream for now is to have a motorcycle of my own so that I can go where ever I want to go. Motor biking is my best interest in life and the second is mountain climbing. I really into out door adventure.

One thing that I can forget was when we where in Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna, I ride the Space Shuttle wow that was so crazy ride my mouth was all open and my voice was all over the place. Huh it was 3 minutes fast ride wow... When I was on the shuttle sit I think it was my last breath because I'm totally eaten by my fear, fear that I will lost my life in this place. But the facility was so safe. And I'm still hear narrating what is it all about. EK experience was so nice the rides was cool and safe. The manila travel was tattooed in my heart and soul. Even if i will be old I will always cherish that moment . Thanks to CINDY for that wonderful experience.

Finally my last thing to share with you is about my LUFEE and MASAKITON they are my pet and my nice friend also they keep me happy when I was down..hehhehe also my cute little doggy and her son doggy2...hehehhe Some of my greatest happiness and fact are keep secret...hehehhe They know what is it... (“,)

It's pretty nice to share what is all about you!

P.S.: I am a law breaker so the last instruction in this tagging will be none for me..lols