Thursday, October 2, 2008

miles a way!


I miss my cats lufee and masa they where in our house at the valley of nabunturan and I was living in davao so we're miles a way from each there. I miss them because last time i mingle with theme was last month and lufee was so athletic that time that even when im sleeping he woke me up. He always nbang his body to me adnd feel his present i think he miss playing with me after we play i get the camera and take a pic with him i always do that when i play with him. While masa is always guarding the kitchen because he wants to eat all the time after he feels that he is full he will go to our room just like us and go to sleep what a lazy cat but we together with my 3 brother enjoy playing with them.
For info masa and luffe are not friends they just knew the presence of each other its with you to find our why they are not friends..
Luffe's secret: when i was on the gate i can smell lufee's odor..ahhmmm for me he dont smile bad but to others i think they are not immune with lufee's body fragrance...hahahaha Masa have no odor or fragrance he is an olddy one...he is 10 years old and luffe was just 1 yr and 8 months..

Hayyyyy... i want lufee to be with my side but i cant because i know he will be paranoid at my place now...

see you soon lufeeing and masakiton...hahhahaaa