Tuesday, December 16, 2008



by Radica Sooknarine

If only you could see what is in my heart,
Maybe then you won't have torn it apart.
With a resounding echo memories surface from the past,
Maybe you and I were never meant to last.

But what of these emotions? Why do they feel so right?
Why must you fill my thoughts every single night?
I try to turn away, I try so hard to hide;
But the further I went away, the more a part of me died.

Now I am without an answer - I have not even a clue,
Of what else I can do to stop myself falling again for
I look at my life and connect the dots of pain;
Pain! - you are doomed to haunt me over and over again.

Despair has overtaken me,
Loneliness reigns by royal decree.
I can no longer fight this torment -
Quietly I shall fade away, into nothingness I shall be sent.