Sunday, January 4, 2009

what a start?! "EYE BALL"

I had too much fear of starting a relationship AGAIN. I was scared to be with men and to love. That was the life I had before you came..

Out first meet was ordinary. It was actually CHEAP. You should know that I don't practice "EYE BALL" because it disgusts me. But I don't know what was behind the text messages we had that made me say "YES" for a cheap meeting just outside a KTV Bar. Then we took a ride which made me look like a driver and your the boss beside me. And it all went home, I kept on thinking about you.

Then as days passed, I know I have grown feelings for you which I attempted to control and stop because I'm too scared to get hurt.

-This message is the longest text I have ever written. Now tell me if you still think i', not serious with you."ILOVEYOUSO"

-What will be your reaction? Too many question but there will be one answer..