Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Acclimatization on a Fish Pet

Shifting a fish can be stressfull and we all know that this fish is really sensitive to the point that this action my cause there delay of physical development. I would like to share what are my techniques in dealing this kind of problem. The following steps or point can be helpful for you. This method can be use in any kind of fish.

1. Newly arrived fish may suffer intense stress or trauma subsequent from unexpected exposure to blinding light, in order to make sure to switch off the aquarium lights, and dense the room's surrounding lighting where you open the shipping box. Do not open the package in burnished light.

2. Float the plastered bag in the aquarium for 15-20 minutes. Do not open the shipping bag yet. You need to allow the water in the shipping bag to adapt slowly to the temperature in the fish tank, while sustaining a high level of dissolved oxygen.

3. Take away or cut the tied bands at the top of the bag while it is still adrift in the aquarium. Wrap the top edge of the bag down one inch to create an air pocket within the lip of the bag. This will enable the bag to float on the surface of the water.

4. Add 1/2 cup of fish tank water to the shipping bag, and repeat the procedure every 5 minutes until the shipping bag is full.

5. Bring up the shipping bag from the fish tank and dispose half the water from the bag.

6. Swim the shipping bag in the fish tank again, and continue to add 1/2 cup of aquarium water to the shipping bag every five minutes until the bag is full.

7. Immediately your fish is ready to be discharged into the fish tank. Submerge the bag in the aquarium, and easy allow the fish to swim out from the bag into its new home.

8. Take away the filled shipping bag from the fish tank and dispose the water. Try not to spill the shipping water directly into the aquarium.

I hope you can get some point in this.

Happy fishing.