Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flowerhorn Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are beautiful in the eyes it can relax you and release your stress out. But it would be better if your fish tanks are clean. Your fish is like a person that needs a clean environment for them lo leave. Proper fish tank management and beautiful Flowerhorn fish complements each other perfectly. Therefore, it is crucial for all hobbyists to have proper knowledge of good fish tank management. This time I will share to you the ways on choosing material in to make your tank look like there fish habitat.

As Flowerhorn fish or any fish pets is essential to set up a tank to a close simulated natural habitat for the fish, which at the same time, pleasing to the eye.

Several sizes and designs of fish tanks are available at your nearest local fish store. Select one that will complement your house. Always assume that Flowerhorns will grow to be about 500 mm in length. Thus, it is recommended to get at least a 3 feet tank to start comfortably. Acrylic aquariums are suggested as these tanks are leak proof, light weight and the wall materials provide exceptional clarity. Always have a tank top or tank cover to keep your fish from jumping out. This is one basic mistake of many hobbyists that lead to their fish "common suicide".

Several attractive background designs for aquariums are available easily. Select one that will fit the natural environment of the fish. Pebbles, stones and gravels is a must in your flower horn tank because it be used as substrate for biological filtration. The fish is also a naturally active "excavator" and this creates an environment closer to its original habitat.

Hobbyist advice is to prevent pebbles that have sharp edges. These types of pebbles usually inflict cuts on the mouth of your fishes and if not treated, it will be infected. Many flowerhorn fishes are prone to mouth infection because of minor cuts sustained when they constantly dig at the pebbles.

Other unnatural tank ornaments are discouraged as these do not serve any purpose at all in the tank. Furthermore, these objects may even be hazardous, which might cause accidental cuts and injuries on your Flowerhorns as these fish possess fierce territorial behaviors and is always actively swimming.