Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Things About Having an iPad

In the late 90s, Apple executives introduced the Newton, which was a tablet that could replicate most of the functions a standard desktop could. Its black and white screen and use of a stylus gave critiques the opportunity to deride Apple’s invention. Fans failed to embrace the first Apple tablet and the company quickly axed the device.
During the resurgence of Job’s golden touch era, he re-released a version of Newton, only this time fully equipped with multi-touch functionality, a high-resolution screen and plenty of apps. The iPad managed to win praise from students pursing Web design degrees for its ability to allow them to code on the go to who educators loved its multimedia abilities to teach and let children interact.
Computing Made Simple
Some individuals need a computer for sending emails, surfing the Internet and watching movies; the iPad makes for a simple solution to satisfying all the needs of a common user. With the touch of a button, the iPad wakes up. It’s quick, responsive touchscreen makes it easy to use and easy to put down. Web pages seem to resonate high-resolution colors and photos, while pictures seem to captivate viewers. No more waiting for a computer to load up. No more virus defender. No more malware. Just simple computing for everyday personal needs and entertainment.

App Store Support

Yes, the iPad makes computing simple, but it does so mostly because of the support of Apple’s App Store. Educators, business owners, students, and even children find apps that appeal to their needs and interests. The success of the iPad comes largely in part because of the massive support from third-party developers on the App Store.
Individuals looking for word-processing programs can find hundreds. Students looking to keep better track of their schedule can discover ways to simplify planning. Kids seeking a bit of entertainment can find thousands of games in a gamut of genres. Everything you can ever want in an application, the App Store and iPad grant.

App Creation

Let’s say you’re studying computer science or business. You have an idea for a new application that can make you millions. With the iPad, you can let your dreams come true. Since Apple gives individuals free developer tools, any average person can code, market and create a hit.
Granted, the more successful applications for the iPad are designed by professionals who understand computer programming, but if you need help, you can also take classes or visit for more assistance.


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