Monday, April 16, 2012

The In-depth Review of HP TouchSmart 600-1370

Touchscreen computers desktops are most likely what everyone will be using soon, and HP is leading the way with computers like the HP TouchSmart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop. What is great about these types of computers is that you are not dependent upon a mouse or keyboard to do your daily tasks, especially once you are proficient with it. Is the HP Touchsmart really worth the money? Let's find out in our open and honest review.

First of all, if you are an avid picture taker, and like to edit your images before sending them to people you know, the HP TouchSmart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop can help you do this. One of the most convenient features on this computer, the 6-in-1 Digital Media Reader, that you transfer digital photos from your camera wireless to your PC. Anyone that uses standard cables to connect their camcorder or camera to their PC will really appreciate this feature when uploading videos and photos. The touchscreen also allows you to create slideshows with music using your photos and images. This computer also comes with what is called TouchSmart technology. It allows you to drag your photos and videos from one folder to the next, making it easier to share and organize them.

With the HP TouchSmart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop, you have many wireless capabilities that allow you to avoid the usual hassles with cables. You can use Wireless LAN, for example, to connect to a wireless printer. HP LinkUp allows you to connect your notebook and desktop wireless.

If you have more than one computer, you can be working on one, while the installed files are on the other one, without moving the files. Link Up Sender has to be installed on each computer on your network that you want to use, or it won't work. You might want to work on some files that are on your desktop at home, while you are somewhere else with your laptop, and without any uploading this can be done.

It is astounding how easy it is to use the HP TouchSmart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop, from the moment you take it out of the box. You won't have to deal with wires or cables. The all-in-one design eliminates these inconveniences. Even the mouse and keyboard are wireless, so there's very little to connect. The desktop even has a special cabinet to keep the few cables there are from getting in your way. Of course, the other main advantage of this design is that it saves space on your desk. Setting up and configuring this computer begins the moment that you turn it on. It is very simple to accomplish. Plus, you will be able to surf the web using Windows 7 Home Premium. Just load your browser, and you are ready to surf the web.

The HP Touch Smart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop should be consider for your next computer for any of the previously mentioned reasons. Many tasks are actually easier when using a touchscreen, instead of using a mouse or keyboard to move things around. Comfort and convenience is definitely what the HP TouchSmart computers are designed for.