Monday, October 20, 2008

One Semester, is just fine..(ENJOY)!!!

A long and enjoying semister is comming to end this week. (weeeewwwww) i just found out that time come to fast a five months of going to school is just a sec. I didnot feel it, i think i really enjoy it because i didnot recognized time passed. Also its not just fine there are days and nights that i think over my subject because i dont want to have a low grade. huh bat sad to say i think i got one low grade..huhuhu..

I met some professionals a business owner and some are in the manegerial positions thanks to them i gain a little bit of knowledge. Of course to professor cadena he was a great teacher.. he updated us on current events to sir. gordo for the pressure cooker exam wow i salute you i know all my classmate feel the blood in there head because of your wonderful 10 perfect question..huh it really bang my head when i read the questionnaire ... to prof. laboy an inspiring opening and a host of the master's class..hehehehe and to prof. bata for the great review on accounting and to your donation in every event that we have specially in our future island happing...hehehehe we are hoping to close the semester with a big remembrance of the 1st sem...

The turning point is comming, i know i can survive master's but there are points in life that we need to be priorities. Its to hard for me to choose this decision but i really need came to the point that i feel my knowledge is just to small for the whole scoop of my co-student and i feel also i cant save money because half of my money was put into expenses due to school activities and other.. I really need forture sources of fund to get back in masters..hehehhe

Graduate School is the best...
Thanks to my classmates..:)
See you soon, hope your still there if i came back..:)