Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Question to think!

I came to question my self one night when I and my close friend meet at a certain bar in the town. Almost 3 years when we last meet at our dear campus in Mindanao State University. I never expect to meet him in this place. But in short we end up in a table with foods and a little bit of drinks that he share to me and also I enjoy the opportunity of talking and reminiscing the past days when we our in the same boarding house in upper comcen in MSU.

HUH!!! to much for that intro...

We come up to the point that asking our selves why are we still single? Do we have to a plan for marrying our girlfriends?
A joke question but it keeps a minute to answer...

The first thing I think was I have the concrete plan for this but my ideas was crush down because of the "shall we call the present reality in life"

DuH... It really stop my brain for a while.

This day I ask my seatmate: The same question but adding the advantage and disadvantage angle of the question that runs into me for 2 days now.

The exact words was "Having an early family will be advantageous or disadvantageous to you?" To think that he has his own family now at the age of 23.

The answer of my seatmate will be just for us.. hehhehhehe

Kidding a side in my point of view, we cross with the same view that it will be advantage to have a family because in his point he saw the real way of his life..
A very touchy answer...lols

For me given a chance for this it will be better to have a family in my age because the main reason is the life span of life according the book of knowledge that i read it is in between to 50 to 60 years old. You know what is the reason why they come up with that result. So it pop in my mind what if I will have a family with the age of 30 should I enjoy it???
In you own point if you die at the age of 60 and you have 3 children that is still studying at college, who will take charge of your position in the family? Its a hassle to think that you leave them with nothing..

We must be more realistic for now..Realistic in the way that you can still control what is going on and plan for that actions.

Life is just to short we need to enjoy what we have..

But for me, I'm still waiting for the "lucky girl" as lolo said your lucky girl is on the way or just beside you now.

Hope to receive comments from the reader..


belle said...

Hi Kurt!

How's life?...

I was a bit struck with your post... uh-oh... It also made me think...tee...hee...

But yeah, i agree when you said somethin' bout the so-called "reality in life"...

Well, what can I say, juz keep rockin' and always hope for the best!=)

heart invader said...

reality...this word where no single dream is allowed...reality...

your lolo is right, who knows that girl maybe is sitting next to you already but ur mind is so occupied not to recognize the "one".

take care!