Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Stupid Act of FlowerHOrn

1. When their huge head get stuck on the power head and wound them self, its only a minor wound when that happens just add 1 tbl spoon of rock salt to the tank.

2. When it start to bite your fingers while cleaning the tank, that’s good it shows how aggressive and active your flower horn is.

3. Weird pimples on the flower horn’s head, body or tail, its because of bad water quality, its because you didn’t follow the steps on cleaning the aquarium, once the water is already clean the pimples will be gone in no time, its only a minor illness, nothing to worry about.

4. When eating it splash around water to the floor, and get all the floor wet, well that’s because its just playing around, or still not used to eating when you are looking at them. They will get used to it after a month or so.

5. Get a first aid kit, like having a medicine ex. Rid-all flower horn special etc. just incase things get out of hand in the aquarium.