Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caring your Fish (FH)

What to do daily? Before you turn the lights off the flower horn tank

1. Siphon the nitrates (poop) of the flower horn quickly as possible to prevent sucking to much water, just be sure to take all the nitrates out. 

What to do weekly? Do this once a week 

1. Siphon the tank up to where the water reaches the power head filter then turn off the power head filter, then siphon the water until the water level reaches 10% and don’t touch or do anything to the flower horn.

2. Clean the tank, wipe the glass and wipe any algae that are growing.

3. Get the power head filter and the hose connecting the filter box, get all of them.

4. Clean the power head inside and out, that means disassemble it and clean the inside part, be sure not to wet the plug.

5. Clean the hose because 40% of the filtered material (nitrates) is in there so twist and wash the hose properly.

6. Clean the filter box and the filter material

7. Put the power head, hose, filter box back in place then fill the tank back with water. Put 5 tbl spoon of rock salt to prevent illness from occurring.

8. Turn on the power head filter.