Friday, September 4, 2009

Tips on buying FH

How to buy a quality Flower Horn?

There are many breeders selling flower horns, but you should know that the seller is selling you a quality (very nice breed) of flower horn don’t buy the ugly flower horns. The colors of 5 inches below is still not that vibrant but some have all ready vibrant colors, at this size the flower horn is still young and they will bloom (colors are at maximum potential and colors are very vibrant) when they reach 6 inches and above, some are fast bloomers which are the best selection for young flower horn, but some are late bloomers. There are many types of flower horns to choose from ex. Kamfa, Thai-zz, blue face dragon etc. so please decide what breed of flower horn you are going to buy, here are some tips on buying a quality flower horn.

1. Get to know the breeder or supplier, in case the breeder will try to fool you to buy an ugly flower horn, you must see the fish, don’t just look at the pictures, you must see it before purchase.

2. Color must be vibrant and not pale, if the flower horn is red, look at how and where the redness of the flower horn is concentrated, if you don’t like the color, don’t force yourself to buy that flower horn, scout more breeders (2 to 5) and compare their breeds and choose which of them has the best color combination.

3. It should not have an illness, you should have eyes like an eagle, you can’t have a sick fish brought into your new display tank, you should see if the fish got a dust like particle in its body, pimples , stressed (usually if new arrival from other countries), lack of appetite or etc. If you noticed one of these signs or even worst, don’t buy the fish.

4. The fish should be aggressive, if its already 5 inches to 12 inches. How can you know its aggressive? Put your finger in front of the glass of the flower horn, and then see to it that the flower horn will look like biting your finger in the glass, you should buy an active flower horn so you can enjoy how special this fish is.

5. You should know if the fish is short body type or long body type, I prefer you buy the short body type because the hump on the flower horn is more expressed in its body structure, but it depends on your choice.

6. Last but not the least, the hump on the flower horns head must be visible, don’t buy flat heads, usually bad breeders or suppliers say this line “the parents of this flower horn have big humps on their heads, and I’m sure that this offspring will have a big hump on their head too “ say no to that, here’s the catch… every newly born batch of baby flower horn… only 30% of the batch will get a hump on their head What happens to the 70%? The 70% are flat heads or the ugly flower horn… then out of that 30%(when they grow up to 4 to 5 inches) only 10% get bigger humps on their head and out of that 10% … 1% is the best flower horn which usually used for (breeding purposes usually not for sale by the breeders). So you must say no to flat heads and buy a flower horn that has a big hump on their head.