Monday, September 14, 2009

How to set up an aquarium for a quality FH?

You should have at least

1. 25 to 40 gall tank with cover to prevent the fish from jumping out. (yes they do jump out so just cover the tank)

2. Lights(optional)

3. Heater(optional) if you are somewhere near Thailand, Philippines, Singapore or Malaysia you don’t need a heater, but if you are outside this Asian continent region, you got to buy a heater, any ways heater prevents sickness to the flower horn itself so better to buy one.

4. 2 Power head filter not an under gravel filter

5. Decoration notes – if you like decorating the aquarium... you can put a small layer of gravel, just be sure you can clean the tank easily, but from my opinion just stick to a bare tank don’t put gravel because flower horns like to dig pit of wholes on the gravel using their mouths, the mouth can get wounded and if they get chocked which really happens… say bye2x to your quality flower horn. Putting plastic or solid structure in the aquarium is not advisable, putting plastic plants can harm the fish, flower horns like biting things that are in their territory (what’s their territory? It’s the whole tank!!) And if they bite sharp objects, they can be harmed so please stick with the bare tank, just put a nice back ground wallpaper in the back of the aquarium, that’s what I did.


Jean said...

dili gud kaau halata nga iloveyou kaau nimu ang ISDA sa aquarium. hehe.. padayon sa pag uswag :D