Monday, March 29, 2010

Common Diseases of Flowerhorn

Mouth, Body and Tail fungus

This kind of diseases is very common to the flowerhorn community. The symptoms of this disease are:

This condition is caused by Saproglenia and other related bacteria.
Bad water quality only causes these kinds of bacteria to thrive. Bacterias are dealing with bad environment
Sudden changes in the water condition can also cause this condition in your fish.
If your fish has this condition, you will notice cotton like tufts at the mouth, body, fin and tail.
You may also notice your fish losing weight.

The only solution to cure this diseases are:

Add Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Salt to your tank.
Adding Jungle Labs Fungus Eliminator will also help.
Be sure to treat the whole tank, but quarantine the most seriously ill fish.

We can prevent this things to happen by:

Change your water regularly.
Quarantine new fish for three to four weeks.
Avoid cross-tank contamination.


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