Thursday, March 11, 2010


A discuss fish is a lovable fish that can be keep as a pet in your home. In keeping this fish you need to know how to handle them carefully so that you can have a beautiful set of discuss fish in your hands. We will start for the common characteristics of a discus fish. Discus fish like to school with other discus in a group. This fish will form a "pecking order" with the most dominate fish leading the group or community. The dominate discus fish is usually the largest, the first to eat and the first to pair off. Obtain the largest size aquarium possible to allow ample room for the group of discus. Calculate the estimated weight of the aquarium at 8 pounds per gallon of water. To this add the weight of the aquarium itself, including any gravel or substrate to be used. The substrate or the equalizer stone for the acidity of the water will displace, but this gives you an idea of the weight of the aquarium. You need to know the weight so that your tank will have longer life. Obtain a suitable stand for the weight of the aquarium. Some aquarium manufacturers offer 20 year warranties or longer with a stipulation the tank sits on their brand of stand. When the aquarium is set up and all equipment is operating, it is not quite ready for the addition of discus fish. This is where patience is required.

Consideration should be given to the type of filter you wish to use in your discus aquarium. For an explanation of aquarium filter types and how to set them up for best results in the discus aquarium. Also you need to understand that pick a quality pump so that it can help circulate will the water and for the porpuse good cycle of the water.

We go to filtration of a discus tank. As a said earlier your aquarium filter must "cycle" or become "established" with nitrifying bacteria before it is ready for discus fish. This process is called nitrification. For information on nitrification in the discus aquarium filter:
Discus Fish Aquarium Nitrification

This is the process of establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium filter. The nitrifying bacteria consume the fish wastes as a food source. These filter bacteria eat ammonia and nitrites. Many good products are on the market to speed up the nitrification process. If an aged filter or filter media is added to the new aquarium, fish may be introduced immediately. With an understanding of the nitrification process in the discus aquarium, a decision must be made on which method to employ to achieve nitrification in the discus aquarium filter. For an explanation of the different methods used to cycle the discus aquarium filter: Cycling The Discus Aquarium Filter.

Water changes on the discus aquarium are an important aspect of proper discus fish care. Water changes must be done on a regular basis to ensure a healthy discus aquarium. Discus thrive in clean water conditions. For information on discus aquarium water changes. The best water you use for a water change will the an aged water. This water are stock for a day so that the acid that are in the water will be subside and you can assure that your water are less harmful than the water that came for your faucets.

To give time with your pet can result to a nicer and good development of your pet.