Sunday, March 14, 2010

Discus Fish Guide

Discus fish is disc shaped, exotic fish that is a native of the Amazon river. These fishes can be bred in aquariums, however, they are highly sensitive and need constant attention. Discus fish care requires the water conditions to be maintained very well for their survival. This article dwells on how to take care of Discus fish.

This breed of exotic fishes and is highly popularized as aquarium fish. Discus fish is a native of shallow streams and lakes running off the Amazon river and its tributaries. In the wild, these fishes dwell close to the shore, among the submerged tree roots. They feature a laterally compressed, disc-shaped body which gives the fish its name 'discus'. The sides of the fish comprises of lovely patterns in green, blue, red and brown.

Discus fish care requires diligence on the part of the pet owner. As a pet owner one will have to gather as much information about the fish and its unique living conditions as possible, so as to attain a thriving ecosystem. Understanding their feeding habits, breeding patterns and other needs will help to maintain them properly. One does not want these lively aquarium fish to perish due to lack of knowledge. Some simple discus fish care guidelines that need to be followed are:

Water Condition
Water Hardness
Water pH
Water Temperature
Water Changes
Chlorine and Chloramin
Food and Nutrition

These were some basic discus fish care tips. Besides the above mentioned points, one should also note that the discus fishes are social creatures and need to be kept in groups. One should not introduce a lone discus into a tank filled with various other types of fishes. Lone discus fish will survive without their community, however, it will not be happy. After taking care of discus fish for a while, one can even try out breeding discus fish. Though discus fish care requires diligence, it is an overall rewarding experience. Happy Fishing!!!