Wednesday, March 12, 2008


What is your name again?


How do you spell your name? Is it double "R" or "D"?

Having this unique name of mine or shall we say interesting name, comes a great responsibility. Ahem..
What is your name again? sounds like a superhero line.. for sure you know that. Well kidding aside, almost all of the people I've met and asked my name have second thoughts, and eventually bear questions or give feedbacks questioning why my name's like that. Probably because it sounds like Japanese, a warrior's name in the ancient time. Well for me, it doesn't really matter. My name is the first gift given by my parents to me so I am indeed thankful for that. I did not even came to the point that I questioned them about that, or did I? Haha! But I'm proud. My name's unique after all.

A name is a label for a human or animal, thing, place, product (as in a brand name) and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish one from another. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A personal name identifies a specific unique and identifiable individual person. The name of a specific entity is sometimes called a proper name.

My name makes me unique.

What's my name again?


And I love it!

How about you? Did you come to the point that you regret your name?

I will just take this opportunity to have a short description of my self.
Well I'm a happy person love's to have adventure and taking challenges even if I don't know what will be the end of the challenge but for sure I can take every challenge that they will give me.
I always want every people to be happy.
I love to travel and experience the wonder of life.
Half of my life I was away from my family so I take that thing positively because I learned a lot of things due to that scene of my life.
I always take a piece of experience and apply that into my life because deep inside me that will be a challenge of life.
Sometimes I want to be alone but as time runs silent can be hazardous in the ear.

Thanks for listening...


marian rica said...

i like ur blog... buhati pud ko... hehehe... one of a kind jud na imu name... for sure wala ka pareho... lisod pud xa i.spell... hehehe... mwah... thank you

frogstone said...

i don't think that my blog is good. I make that to make clarification and to inform you..Wait for the next blog its all about the history.:)

simplejean639 said...

nice blog and post! grabe noh?? unique ayo imo name,, pero y man nag pa "kurt-kurt" pa man ka?? na pwd man ka tawagon og "Bak""ker" or "dinn" diba??? pero in fairness,, ganda ng first post mo.. na-touch ako sobra!

Keep up the Good Work!

PerpetuaL bLiss said...

unsa d'i meaning anang name nmu nong? hehe.. good for you because you have a unique name.. wala ka ngang kapareho.. keep updating your blog.. ma blogger njd kah nong! ahahaha! congratz! ayos kaU imung first post.. eye-catching.. :)

Princess Cinderella said...

hello sir..
waaaaaaa, blogger na lagi kah...good for you sir!Welcome to blogger world..goodluck ha..mwah...asa na nimo nakuha imo name?hmmmm...well ok imo first post....ayo ayo....buhat usab post ha para mabasa naku..hehehe..mwah sir

abby said...

awesome! interesting first entry..
keep posting more stuff on your site. i enjoy reading them. :)

Dennis said...

Ayaw Kagura ha! lol;