Thursday, March 13, 2008

sKinnY moMent!

Can you describe me?

Probably, the only word that will pop up immediately in your mind is "thin", exactly; but i don't agree with that.. I'm not thin.. I'm just skinny. =)


Of course we can't judge everyone, because each one of us is entitled to our own opinions. We can say whatever we want to say because we live in a democratic country, or is it really democratic? Well, democratic as we all know but if we express that feeling we must watch our backs.

Have you heard of Political Killings?

Yes you did. A bet on that!

Did it ever cross your minds that the causes of those are exactly from the term democracy? The victims are just expressing freedom – their freedom! Freedom that is entirely questionable. Questionable yet retains to be unanswered.. unsolved..

Who wants to imprison himself anyway?!

I think no one because even I, myself loves to express what is inside of me. I won't let myself into trouble if I know I'm wrong.

I love freedom.. I love democracy.. But I'm afraid now - freedom is a word much more relevant to silence. Psshh.. 'Coz if you break that silence – your life's at risk..

So.. What do you think of me again?

Thin? OK. That's your opinion.

But I STRONGLY believe - I'm just skinny.


Darlyn said...

skinny moment jud ha???
ok lng ng skinny kurt kaysa sa bony.

welcum to the world of blogger...

abby said...

very nice!

clever insight and a clever made me think about the concept of democracy. impressive! :)