Thursday, March 27, 2008

A wEekeNd to CoddLe

The sun was shining bright (and I was imagining it to be wearing a smile.. hehe), the weather was nice and wonderful, and it was indeed the right timing for our vacation weekend trip with my colleagues. We were so excited for that day to come (when we were still planning the trip), and even if there were unexpected denials from our friends to join with us (when we invited them), obviously those denials did not affect us in continuing our plan to celebrate – out from the busy days of work – out from the stressful world (in Eversun.. haha).

Actually, we all agreed to go to Samal (Island Garden City of Samal is it's real name) to discover the beautiful tourist destinations there.

It was Saturday. Our meeting place was in Magsaysay Park at around 10am. We chose that place because the bus terminal going to the island was there.

Hmm.. “Here we go Samal!” :)

Finally, we arrived at Samal and our first route was to explore the place which they call 'Canibad'. We were really very eager to see the place because we heard gossips from people that the place is really indeed one vicinity of a Secret Paradise. Also, we want to experience walking on the white sand (or pebbles as they say.. haha!) Well.. Let me test what the gossip tells..(lol)

After an hour and 30 minutes of riding on a motor cycle, we finally arrived at the gate of the secret paradise. Phew.. At last, I can saw the place!

It was a big “WHAAAT?!” that came out from my mouth when I was able to get a peek on the place. I was dismayed. =(

But that was just for a second.. As I looked at the portion on my left, I was surprised to see the perfect shore.

'This Way to Canibad' as being written on a 'ply board' hung on a tree. And so, we took the path as what we read on. To my excitement, I ran down fast to see the whole area.

It was may first time in Canibad, and so I surveyed the place first before deciding on which area we can occupy. I walk in the coast for a simple sight seeing. I was figuring out for a comfortable place to put up our tent and also to see if we are secured. Until I reached the last area. I then picked the spot for us to stay. That day, Canibad had many guests, but still luckily we found a comfortable place. We set up the tent and cooked our food.

Then the party begun!

After eating our food we took a rest for a while and watched the beauty of a clean, clear and adorable water in the seas. I could not control myself not to swim in the water so I dived and flapped my hand! I enjoyed myself. Afterwards, I played with the sand. The trees were waving and it did gave us fresh air to breathe. The nature offered adventures to nature lover cliques. The place was really preserved and clean. A place that can be worth remembering for.

The day had passed and our next route was to Vanishing.

I've been in Vanishing for a couple of times already and every time I visit the place, it always gives a warm welcome and pleasant surprises.

We arrived at the island still on a high tide. There were no grains of sand that can be seen. Only two cottages and a couple of mangrove trees in the middle of the two cottages which is also in the middle of the sea. The island was so solemn and the water was just in our hands - just under the cottage. As time passed, the wonders of Vanishing flourished. The white island came out under the crystalline water, the starfishes and shells were then all over the island. That time, it pleasantly surprised me. As the low tide came, the people also went to the island. Vanishing is in the middle of Samal and Davao City. It is a five hectare white island. When the high tide comes, the island submerges – water covers the whole area, and it will again be seen when the low tide comes.

As closure, I did enjoy the trip – the vacation (for me). With my friends around, we visited what we think are cool places in Samal. I know, there are still a lot of beautiful places to visit there. We just landed on two because we ran out of budget (haha).


simplejean639 said...

oist,,,, unsa man ni uie,,pampainggit??? pwes.. u've made it! hahahay,... cge lng ah.. happy na ko para sa inyong naabtan..:) sayang na sayang..:)

bevs said...

Huh! nakarelate ko aning canibad, mao nagcomment ko..hehehe I've been there 2 times na..and mas pinaka gwapo ang beach the first time I went there ky wla jud mga bato sa shore..hehehe..Nice blog...