Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Least understood Religion

I was researching some blogs today when my eyes caught on something. I launched myself on I browsed some headers and found something to read on. It was an attention-grabber.. really. The idea of the article was all about the Filipino Muslims.

“Title: BATANG MINDANAW: Gazing at the crescent moon: my thoughts on Filipino Muslims by Karina Blessica J. Vinluan

In the title alone... I got completely overwrought..

It amazed me because according to her, she doesn't have any attachments with any Muslim people but she has the willingness to dig deep, just to discover the true meaning of Muslim – the word itself and the people behind.

There was this sudden elation in me. I don't know if it's something like honored or excited. But I'm sure I was up heaved. Questions clouded my mind.. Why do some people highlight our religion? Our culture? Why don't they talk about their own? Their own culture? Their own religion? This questions pump on me so many times. I think we are just “the an apple of the eye”( LOL).

But I hate it when people generalize us to be very bad – though deep inside I know, I'm not one of them.. Even Christians do bad things too.. Why blame it all to Muslims? Why us? Why not them?

I know there's no discrimination here in our country but I want to let all of you know that we have a heart too.. We love.. We hope.. We also wish to have a peaceful community.. We all do, don't we?

Then stop blaming everything to us! It won't be fair!

I am really sensitive with matters like these.. I want to let everyone know that Muslims aren't bad people.. “We are just born warriors”, we don't want to be abuse by the other and even you us we don't want people taking advantage to us. We only want to respect one another and promote the peace and unity to each of us.

So I thank Karina (the author of the article which I've read), for pointing out the nicest thing about being a Muslim.. I would like to insert a little word to your article: “performing the word of ALLAH the almighty one and submitting to HIM is what you called a Muslim that holds the Islam religion.” I guess it will be the exact word for Muslim.

That's what's best in us.. We are devoted to our religion.. We respect ALLAH.. We love Him.. We owe and submit ourselves wholly to Him..

I salute her for understanding and promoting the least understood religion in the world – ISLAM..

Thanks Karina.. More power! :)


Blueblood said...

Great sentiments \:) i noticed similar situation, " the discrimination of being a muslim"-

When i was in Manila i personally observed" na mayroong gap ang trust ng tao if alam nila na muslim ka". I askd myself bakit?.. might be phobia. Saan? maybe of the terrorism activities. ? How true? " un ang hindi ko alam." I am not a muslim, but my friends are muslims, I respect, I trust, and I count 'em as God-created one.