Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flash IdeaS

This is a lonely day in my work place..

I feel bored.. The people are to busy doing their own tasks.. I'm also busy too, but I find them quite busier than me (hehe)..

Well, to make my day more worthwhile, I want to share what I did and learned a few hours ago..

Hmm.. As I was browsing the net for some ideas to learn for this day, it so happened that something suddenly crossed my mind.. It's about my work as a Link builder and what we call SEO. I've read a lot of blogs about SEO, finding it to be something like 'Search Engine Optimization'. I got curious of the word and so what I did was, I researched about it – its meaning and importance in the dynamic world of Internet businesses. How does SEO work in making an Internet business or an entire website traffic-driven?

It says that once a website is properly optimized, you are 100% sure that your site (including your business) would obtain great rewards (higher page ranks and increased sales). There are in fact a lot of steps to follow and tools to use to make sure that your website is ready to be publicized. I believe I don't need to mention them all as it can be searched via the Internet (kapuy isa-isahon mn gud.. hehe).

So much for that, a question immediately raised on my mind: “Do all Internet users realize what SEO is?”

Well obviously, not all. The most people exposed to this topic are businessmen who do their marketing online. Even me, I haven't heard of it until such time I got to work with American businessmen as clients. Some may perceive it simply as something that could help them in the increase of their site's page rank. Yes, indeed it could! However you need to acquire sufficient knowledge about how to use it.

Now I know what SEO is.. I guess I need to proceed to the next task. :)