Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lets play this game!

What is skimboard?
Skimboarding, is based primarily on the principle of hydroplaning. Skimboards are smaller and thinner
than surfboards because they do not require as much buoyancy.

The skimboard is a craft of varying size, usually of some oval or tear-drop shape. The tail of the board is most commonly pintail though custom shaped boards are occasionally squash-tail or fishtail. The front of the board usually comes to a point with some exceptions where the nose of the board has a more rounded shape. The best size board, in most cases is about your mid-chest height. Modern skimboards are made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber and take advantage of a high density foam to
serve as a core.

A little back ground of history to share in you:
The earliest known record of skimboarding goes back to 1920 in Laguna Beach. There are photographs from that time period of Laguna Beach lifeguards skimming along the sand on large plywood boards.

Some sample og technique for you to be inspire of:
A rider drops the board and runs on the board without having to catch up to it. This is known as the "One-Step", although there are other variations such as the "Two-Step" and the "No-Step". The skimboarder will then attempt to slide to the wave possibly "pumping" or "sideslipping" to maintain
speed. This technique is often summed up as "Run, Drop, Slide" and is considered the basis of advanced skimboarding. When the wave is reached it can be riden "down the line", or the rider may
attempt to launch off the waveface and attempt an aerial trick.It is not uncommon to see a rider run
on a board front foot first even though most skimboarders run on back foot first. A variation on "Run, Drop, Slide" is the "Monkey Crawl" where the rider holds both sides of the board and crouches down running into thick water with the board on the surface, while maintaining a fast pace the rider
quickly hops and glides on the board. This technique is used for hitting larger waves for the more advanced. Another variation on the standard drop is the "suitcase drop" where the rider runs with the board held in one hand like a suitcase then flicks their hand and drops it so it lands flat before running on. A common misconception is that the board is thrown ahead and chased then

Right place to play skimboard:
There are several primary ways in which a skimboard can be ridden: either gliding over a layer of water
or wet sand towards a wave, or riding in shallow water away from the ocean (known as flatland or inland skimming).

Types of skimboards:
The different types of skimboards are only due to the different material which it is made. Beginner
boards are usually wood or poly glass. The rest are E-glass, S-glass, Carbon fiber, and Kevlar


jigs said...

mmm ayus mag skim boarding ah.i try nako ni sa kabatoan bay hehehe. kung gusto ka sa surfing nga game tapos dili kakabalo mulangoy. this is the right game for you. skimming!


-ana gyud bai, para dili ka malumos..hehehe pero magbantay lang ka kay baliaan raman ka dili man ka lumsan..:)

Anonymous said...

mingaw nako dula skim..hahaha.. skim adiks