Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snap shot...

I woke up cheerfully this morning..

Hmmnn.. The surroundings were still fresh with a bird humming around in the tree that stood in front of our boarding house.

I stretched for a while before taking a bath and smelled the freshness of the air. It is a very calm day.
As my eyes toured around the ground, something caught my attention – it was the bird. The bird played with the fruit that fell on the ground.

So I watched and observed it. Suddenly, I realized that it was a turtle dove in the city, (wow) I was so amazed with what I saw because I always see that kind of bird in my hometown only, where mountain ranges are present. Proudly, I am a native from Compostela Valley, who, in my need to develop myself more independently, decided to reside and continue living here in Davao City.

As I was watching the bird, I imagined momentarily that - what if this bird was in a cage and not able to enjoy its freedom? Peculiarly as I am, I then imagined myself in the bird's foot, wherein I am enclosed in a 'somewhat' cage of life, unable to move myself because of fear to commit omissions. What if there is huge barricade that prohibits me from doing what I want as well as to explore my own dreams? And nothing can be worse than if that certain person, who built that wall, can easily pass and bypass my silence in my own cage.. Huh.. That, I believe, is unfair!

I am used to be living free – free to do whatever I want and free to express whatever there is a need to be blown off. Then just in an instant, I would be placed in a corner wherein I am limited with all my actions? Not to mention the dictatorship that can overrule anytime I let myself engage in that particular situation.. hoo! It gives me headache just by thinking about those 'misfortunes' (that, I can call the situation itself). Adjustment would be so much difficult, I presume.

What I am trying to blurt out is – everyone needs and deserves to be free. Do not overrule or dictate anybody. We are born with individual souls, and so, dictatorship is off the limits. Yes you may, but with due respect. Never control any body's life or else.. the result would be unwanted.

tsk tsk tsk..
So much for the imagination. I realized I still need to take a bath. Toinkz. Hehehe..


jigs said...

looy bitaw sila kung maka kulong, akong bird nga talking mayna akong gikulong, hinatag ra man pod to sa akoa. tapos sayang man buhian kay tag otso mil daw to. unsaon na lng. makalingaw man pod langama. makulbaan pod kog buhian basin pintikon unya. :D

Anonymous said...

--hehehhe lahi2 gyud nga sitwasyon..
mahalon man diay na imong langgam dapt imong alagaanna para managhan..:)