Thursday, August 28, 2008

moments to be remember


Just planning for the activity this day and it flash to my mind to explore about flickr. Then it goes like this..(lols) I just have fun uploading picture to flickr and to show to the world what it is all about..

(lols) enjoy watching as what my colleague tells me..(ahhemm)

just spend time and more patient for this slide show but you will enjoy this..

thanks for dropping!


jean said...

gwapa kaayo imong slideshow... kuyaw jud kaayo ka magbuhat noh??

regards lang ko atong naka orange ha.. kadtong eversun astig wallpaper gud. nyahehehe


- aw ayaw ng kuyaw kay makadagan ta ana..hehehhe lols..laag2 lang gud sa net para makakita ug maauhon..hehehe

cge regards taka atong naka orange..lols

Anonymous said...

char! hilig jud kaau ka mg picture2 noh...mau nah..