Monday, August 4, 2008

walk with a smile


hmmpp.. huh

last Sunday afternoon, i meet a child name Adrian, at first he was so shy with me. His with her ate, he always at the back of his ate to hide with me. i always stare at him and trying to find out what is my step to make him comfortable with me.So i just observe him to find out what is his weakness and i think that is my strongest point to be with him.

we go to a certain food chain to eat because he is hungry as he tells to his ate. we go and eat then suddenly there's some thing drop at Adrian's back and automatically pump in my mind a joke of accuse him that he is the cause of that object to drop. so he madly answer and reason out to me that he did not do anything and why him in fact he is a distance to that object.(in my mind he has a broad reasoning ability) then that time he talk to me and that is my opportunity to communicate with him and the next part he always hold my hand where ever we go and he forget about his ate.(lol)

Adrian is a for years old kid that has great sense and playful. he's just a kid but he talk mature to his age. the thing that i can't forget towards his is his idol anime movie "cars".

after that we go separate ways, i walk with a smile because i thought that i cant manage to be with a children but the thing that i learn that time is that i can be with them even if from the start i dont like children..(lols) that moment is so ironic. hahahha


denxioz said...


D kaya n sign part na dapt naa nka imong kaliwat. Pag himo n lagi.

Pra mag cge nka smile. nyahahha.


lols dili pa ko ana kay wala pa ko ika buhi lagi part..hahahha