Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now that's what I call a lucky day!

8/8/08 has a nice ring to it, don't you think? After the frenzy created this year on 7-7-07, a popular wedding date considered lucky by many, wedding vendors and engaged couples are looking out for the next extra-popular date. August 8, 2008 falls on a Friday, so it likely won't be quite as popular as the 7/7/07, which was a Saturday. However, since 8 is an extremely lucky number in Chinese culture, watch for huge numbers of Chinese weddings on this day.

But it's not just Chinese couples that are considering 8/8/08. Couples like dates such as these because they sound cool, and are easy to remember. And while Friday weddings are less popular, they are often cheaper. If you can find vendors not trying to make an extra profit, 8/8/08 allows you to get the Friday deals without looking cheap to your friends.


But for me I cant afford to be in a marriage situation now because of some aspect that can be a problem, if i'm in that stage. Although i want to have my own family and to play with my own child it will always end out at night thinking if i can be a good father to my children and a perfect partner with my wife.(lols) sounds crazy but i always do that. I need to be prepared in all aspect as the time and i set a deadline to my self that i will be on 101010 (im the 1 and my wife will be the 0) looks great and wonderful. By that time i can be a father and a husband and i look forward to eat. For now just want to finish my studies in preparing for my future family. Now that's what I call a lucky day. WWWWWeeeewwwwww... (lol)


-mOlit- said...

weeehh... hmmm.. na intraga lang ko sa 101010..heheh..kay fave number man gud nku ang 10.. mao lang to bow..hehe...

hope lucky day pud nku nah...hmmm

good luck 2 yah...;))

Anonymous said...


kabalo naka payat ko sa dapat 0 xa or in short malaman..hehehe


hope lucky day nato nah..:)