Thursday, September 3, 2009

Origin of flowerhorn....

Flowerhorn, which believe to originate in the man-made hybridisation of cichlid species, they are also known as frogstone and their exact parent species cannot be trace. However, it’s thought the flowerhorn was first seen for sale in the late 1990s on the aquarium market in south east Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. They suspected that the first breed of flower horn comes from Bankerohan river along Davao city then it reaches to other neighboring countries. After the discovery of this brilliant kind of aquarium fish it was later become more famous around Asia. People in Far East believe that owning a Flowerhorn can bring them good fortunes in gambling and business.

The male flowerhorn’s (kok) humps that will be pointing upward is told to resemble God of longevity in Chinese traditions and the owners will get more luck when the hump grows, the adult males consequently become the most popular in the market. People that see the marking on the both side of flowerhorn interpret or connect them to a Chinese character, some people believe that the clear Chinese character marking can give them long life and more success to any career they choose. Moreover, the flowerhorn feature commercial value and they are really commonly kept in an aquarium so a number of tropical fish hobbyists are fond of the flowerhorn. The girl flowerhorn are kept as breeder, others will be in the table and will be serve as the meal of the family.

The Flowerhorn grow very quickly and can reach more than 12 to 18 inches in length and some can live from 8 up to 10 years. This aggressive fish can live in almost every water conditions but the perfect water should offer a pH in the range of 7 – 7.8 with a temperature of 75 up to 80 degrees.


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